Top 10 Most Popular Toy Companies in the World

Top 10 Most Popular Toy Companies in the World

TOYS!! The name itself is enough to bring a smile on our faces and take us down the memory lane. Toys are a very important part of our childhood. We all had that one toy out of all our toys that was close to our heart and was very special. Toys, board games, video games have a charm that they attract all age groups be it new born babies, youngster or adults. Some of the iconic toys which been a part of everybody’s childhood are Barbie dolls and G.I. Joe and people obsessed with them, have preserved them for years. In a study, it was shown that Barbie dolls from old collections were sold for record prices in the recent times.

Here is a list of the top 10 most popular toy companies which are behind your favorite toy and probably your first smile:

10 Playmobil

Playmobil logo
Playmobil logo—Photo via en.wikipedia.org

A company located in Zirndorf, Germany, is a toy manufacturing company by Brandstatter Group. The company was established by Hans Beck, German investor. He took 3yrs from 1971- 1974 to make Playmobil, what it is. While developing the signature product, he wanted something that fits in a kids hand and is part of their imagination. The product he made was 7.5cm in height, had a big head and smile and with no nose.

The toy was inspired by a kid’s drawing. The toy was called “klicky”. There are other toys like vehicles, buildings, animals etc. in the line. The toys are manufactured as individual figures, theme series and playsets.the keeps on introducing new products and discontinuing old ones. At present, they have three factories in Malta, Spain, and Germany.

9 Playskool

Top 10 Most Popular Toy Companies in the World
Photo via en.wikipedia.org

A toy company of America, it is a subordinate company of Hasbro Inc. and its headquarters are in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. It was invented in 1928 by Lucille King, as a part of john Schroede Lumber Company. After being passed on to various people, Manuel Fink established its manufacturing company.

Playskool became subordinate company of Milton Bradley, eventually; both the companies were bought by Hasbro Inc. in 1984. The company is mainly into producing educational toys for kids. Some of its signature toys are Tonka, Mr. Potato Head, Alphie and Weebles. It created toys for newborn to children going to preschool.

The products include Step start Walk ‘n ride, Kick Start Gym and Tummy Time. These toys help them to develop motor skills. It has other line of products also which help the kids to express their creativity and they also have products like Action Heroes and Dolls.

8 Barbie

barbie toy—Photo via youtube.com

It is a fashion doll produced by Mattel, Inc., a company of America. The doll first appeared in 1959. Credit of its creation is given to Ruth Handler, a businesswoman. According to her, the doll was inspired by Bild Lilli, German doll. The doll also has family members in the product line. Barbie has been a very important toy of a girl’s childhood and has been very close to her heart all her life.

Fashion dolls have dominated the market for about 50 yrs and have been into various lawsuits and controversies. The standard doll has a height of 11.5 inches, which is 5fts 5 inches on 1/6 scale. The doll has a figure measurement as chest- 36inche, waist- 18 inches and hips- 33 inches.

Doll was criticized for portraying unrealistic body and girls often idealize them and try and lose weight. The madness amongst the kids to mid aged women has not reduced over the years. They are still a part of a girl’s life and have some sweet memories attached to it.

7 Mega Brands

Mega Brands logo—Photo via en.wikipedia.org

It is company from Canada and is presently owned by Mattel, Inc. The famous product is named Mega Bloks, it is a line of Construction set, with brands like Board Dudes, Mega Puzzles and Rose Art. They have wide range of Puzzles, toys and craft based toys. It was established by Victor Bertrand and his spouse Rita in the name of Ritvik Holdings. When Ritvik entered the market with construction bloks, Lego was already a established brand in that market. Bertrand decided to go for big size bloks for toddlers, which were not introduced by Lego.

They were an instant hit in the US and Canada.  Later it came up with its other brands. The company was acquired by Mattel in 2014, for approx. US$450 million. It became its Subordinate Company, fully owned by Mattel.

6 Nerf

NERF logo —Photo via en.wikipedia.org

It’s a toy company established by Parker Brothers and is presently, Hasbro is the owner. They are known was manufacturing foam based weapon toys. There are other types of toys as well like basketball, baseball, football and others. They introduced their first foam ball in 1969, which was 4 inches in size. One of its famous products is Nerf Blasters; it is plastic gun with foam darts in it.

The most frequently used slogan was “Its Nerf or nothing”. It kept on expanding by introducing new products like Video games and improving the old ones. In 2013, it came up with a line of products only for girls. The annual revenues were estimated to be approx. US$400 million.

5 Fisher Price

Fisher Price
Fisher Price toys—Photo via dledeviant

The company was established in 1930 by Helen Schelle, Irving Price, Herman Fisher and Price’s wife Margaret Evans Price. The company has its headquarters in New York and is a subordinate company fully owned by Mattel from 1993. They have produced approx 5000 products since 1930.

The well known line of products include Little People toy, which has animals, people figures and various sets like farm, school, house, school etc. it has list of famous products like Bob the builder, Disney products, think and learn, its Baby Gear toys include Baby bouncer, baby monitors, and its historic line includes Adventure People, All Grown up, The Croods etc.

4 Hasbro

Photo via logos.wikia.com

Also known as Hasbro Bradley and Hassenfeld Brothers, is a multinational company of America of board games and toys. It is second after Mattel when it comes to market and revenue. Most of its products are made in East Asia and its headquarters are in Rhode Island. It was established in 1923 by tree brothers Hillel, Henry and Herman Hassenfeld. For initials, they stared producing pencil cases and then their own pencils eventually. In 1940, it manufactured nurse and doctor sets, modeling clay and became out and out toy company. In 1964, the produced the most iconic toy in the market called G.I. Joe, as action figure for boys, as they can’t play with Barbie dolls.

Over the years they have taken over various companies like Playskool, Funskool, Discovery Family, Backflip Studios etc. It is public company and is registered at NASDAQ. The revenue of the company was estimated to be US$ 4.07 billion for the financial year 2009.

3 Mattel

mattel logo—-Photo via logodatabases.com

It is multinational company of America, producing toys since 1945. The headquarters of the company are in California. It was founded by Elliot Handler and Harold “Matt” Matson. Later, Matson sold his part in the company, which was taken by Ruth, Handler’s wife. In 1947, their first hit toy was “Uke-A-Doodle” was launched. The Barbie doll was introduced by this company in 1959, which was a massive hit. After this they kept on introducing new toys in the market.

They also acquired many companies like Fisher price, Barbie Dolls, Monster High, hot wheels etc. it is a public company and is listed at NASDAQ. The revenue of the company is estimated to be US$ 6,023.8 million in 2014.

2 Nintendo

Photo via blog.beforemario.com

It is a multinational company of Japan. It is known as one of the biggest video company according to its net worth. The name Nintendo means “leave luck to heaven”. It starting developing 1970s and became a massive hit and made the company 3rd most valuable with a worth of $85 billion.

The most known games include The Legend of Zelda, Mario and Metroid and also owns The Pokémon Company. It was established in 1951, by Fusajiro Yamauchi. They were initially into manufacturing playing cards called “Hunafuda”. As of 2014, the company sold 670.43million hardware and 4.23billion software units.

1 Lego


The company is located in Billund, Denmark. It a company producing plastic toys under the name Lego. They were mainly into construction toys with colorful plastic bricks. These bricks can be assembled in a vehicle, working robots and buildings. These parts can easily be separated again and something else can be formed. In a workshop in 1932, a carpenter started making wooden toys.

In 1934, they called it Lego. In 1947, they started manufacturing plastic toys. Lego has various theme parks under its name and retails in 125 stores. The products they sell include video games, board games, television and films, magazines and books and children’s clothing.

Top 10 Most Popular Toy Companies in the World

Sr No.Popular Toy Companies
5Fisher Price
7Mega Brands

However old you are, out of all the companies mentioned, you must have owned at least one of their products. These companies have been operating for years and are known for their legendary toys in the market, which made a place not  just in our lives but our hearts as well.

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