Top 10 Mysterious Deaths in the World

It is said that every question has an answer but, there are certain questions that are unanswerable and certain mysteries that are unsolved.

There are certain mysterious deaths that had happened in the world that had no answer or explanation attached to them. Thorough investigations were done to find out the causes, but, in vain. These mysterious murders are unsolved even today.

Here we bring to you the top 10 mysterious deaths in the world.

10 Zigmund Adamski

Mysterious Deaths

The mystery dates back to 1980. In the month of June, 1980, Zigmund Adamski, a miner from England went missing. One the day he went missing, 56 years old Adamski went for shopping in Tingley, England. He never came back. After five days, his body was recovered from a coal yard that was located 20 miles from Todmorden. Earlier, it was anticipated that he probably died of having a heart attack. But, things turned weird.

The body was found at 3:45 pm and no footprints were discovered. The man too, had no amount of coal dust on his body. He looked fine in spite of being missing since five days. He had light stubble and burn marks on his head, neck and his shoulders. A gel based ointment had been applied on the burn marks. No one could figure out what exactly had happened to him.

A twist came when Alan Godfrey, the policemen who found his body, claimed that he had been killed by aliens. He went on saying that he too was abducted by a UFO. Many people laughed at him but, no one could explain the murder.

9 Tom Thomson

Tom Thomson
Tom Thomson via

Tom Thomson was a Canadian painter. He was last spotted in a Canoe Lake during a fishing trip on 8th of July, 1917. He died under mysterious circumstances and his body was found floating in the lake eight days later.

When the body was recovered, a piece of fish line was found wrapped around his left ankle about 16 times. Also, there was a well- defined wound on his temple. Many people believed that it was an accident but, what caused an accident remained a mystery.

Many theories came to solve the mystery. Some said that he might have hit by a piece of floating debris while some said that he was hit by a tornado. Other though that he received a blow to head by a paddle and some believed that he might have committed suicide.

American draft dodgers, poachers, and spied became the prime suspect. Till today, no one knows how Tom died.

8 Ricky McCormick

Ricky McCormick
Ricky McCormick

Ricky McCormick was found dead in June, 1999 in a rural cornfield located outside St. Louis. He was only 41 years old. Earlier it was suspected that he might have died a natural death as he was already suffering from chronic lung as well as heart problem but, gradually many things came into light making the case mysterious. The case was shut then but, after 12 years FBI reopened the case.

The reason behind the reopening of the case was the recovery of 2 handwritten notes from his pockets. The notes were encrypted ciphers. FBI tried hard to decode the encryptions but, in vain.

Many claimed that he might have written the encrypted notes himself but, his family claimed that he had a low IQ and was illiterate. But, FBI refused to take it. They kept the investigations on. But, ultimately, they had to shut the case as they couldn’t find anything substantial.

7 Frederick McDonald

Frederick McDonald was an Australian MP. He disappeared on 15th of April, 1926. He former MP died a mysterious death. His dead body was never recovered but, a suicide note was found. Suspicion fell on Thomas John Ley who became the member of federal parliament of Australia in the year 1925.

Soon after John Ley grabbed the federal seal he was charged for bribery where he apparently offered £2,000 to McDonald to back out of the coming election.

Soon before the hearing, Frederick McDonald apparently killed himself. Hyman Goldstein, another enemy of Ley too committed suicide.  In 1946, Ley was proven to be the culprit. He strangled one John Mudie for suspecting his mistress’s affair with him and dumped him in a chalk pit.

Ley was later convicted and later died of stroke after a year in hospital.

6 Alfred Rouse

Alfred Rouse
Alfred Rouse via

The incident dates back to 1930 when Alfred Rouse planned his own fake death by beating a man over his head with mallet and then burning his body in his car. He fled the scene and was spotted doing so. He was later hanged for committing this horrendous crime.

The mystery surrounded the identity of the victim. Earlier, it was thought that William Thomas Briggs was the victim as he went missing while he was on his way to the doctor. The whole murder incident took place at the same time.

It was said that William quite resembled Rouse in appearance. In the year 2014, Briggs’s family called for a DNA test but, the DNA did not match. This made way for many new mysteries surrounding both Rouse and Briggs.

5 Laetitia Toureaux

Laetitia Toureaux
Laetitia Toureaux

Laetitia Nourrissat Toureaux took a metro train from Porte de Charenton station in May 1937 at 6: 27 pm. She was the only one who was present in the first- class compartment. A minute later, the train arrived on the next station where 3 people boarded the train. Laetitia, still being the only person in the compartment, fell forward with a dagger in her neck.

She worked as a message- delivery agent for a detective agency and this is cited as the reason for the murder. Also, her affair with a right- wing journalist namely, Gabriel Jeantet, who was also a smuggler added fuel to the round of rumours.

Jean Filliol was the major suspect. The investigation came to a standstill during the World War II. Filliol fled to Spain in 1940. Many other stories came forth but, till today, the cold- blooded murder is a mystery.

4 Charles Bravo

Charles Bravo
Charles Bravo via

Charles Bravo was a famous barrister who passed away due to antimony poisoning in the year 1876. Claims are that someone has put poison into the bedtime glass of water. He spent several days in sheer pain but, kept mum about the whole plot of murder or maybe suicide attempt.

The four major suspects included Charles’s wife, Florence, Dr. James Gully who was Florence’s ex- lover, Mrs. Cox who was the maid who though that she might get fired and hence, plotted revenge and Bravo himself, who in an attempt to kill his wife accidently poisoned himself.

No one knows if it was a murder, a suicide or an accident. It is still a mystery.

3  Jane and John Doe

The bodies of Jane and John Doe were found at the banks of San Juan River adjacent to Navajo Reservation in Archuleta County, Colorado. Jane’s body was found few weeks prior to the discovery of John’s body. Post- mortem report stated that Jane was strangled to death and John was shot twice.

Investigations came to no conclusion. The bodies had never been identified and the reason behind the murder and the murderer are still a mystery.

The only and the strongest clue was a note found in the pocket of Jane Doe’s jeans. The note carried the name and number of Marilyn Cobianco who was a New Mexico resident. Where Marilyn refused to have known any Jane Doe, the suspicion laid on her. No one knows how her number landed in the note.

2 Lilly Lindestrom

This gruelling murder took place in Stockholm on 1st of May 1932. Lilly Linderstrom, 32, was a divorcee. She lived in an apartment in Stockholm and she was a prostitute.

On the fateful day, Lilly was making plans with her friend Minnie Jansson to celebrate May Day on the evening and then she got a call from a client. Lilly called the client over and Minnie went out. After sometime, Lilly went to Minnie asking for condoms and that was the last time Minnie saw her friend.

Lilly went to her apartment. After several hours when Minnie went to see Lilly but, got no answer after knocking several times on the door. She thought that Lilly might have gone out with the client.

After three days, when police came and broke into the apartment, they found the completely naked body of Lilly. The condom was still in her anus.

The murder killed her using a blunt object. He perhaps hit her three blows to knock her down. The biggest tip was that Lilly’s clothes were neatly folded. There was blood all- over the room and a ladle. The killer drank Lilly’s blood with the ladle. There were no fingerprints and any sort of suspicious item.

The press named the killer, the Atlas Vampire. No one knows who the killer was.

1 Gunther


In the wee hours on a normal day in 1984, the body of Gunther Stoll was found in his car. The body was severely injured. Prima facie it appeared as an accident as Gunther was heavily drunk the previous night.

He was taken to hospital, but, was declared brought dead. Autopsy revealed that he was run over by a car and then, was placed in his car. The murder took a mysterious turn when a note was found. Thenote read “YOGTZE”. It is not a word in any language. It might be a code. Nobody could crack the code or the murder mystery.

All these cold- blooded murders are still a mystery.

Top 10 Mysterious Deaths in the World

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