Top 10 Places To Visit In France

Places To Visit In France

Europe is one of the best tourist attractions in the world with beaches, hills, deep valleys, scenic views, glaciers, historical monuments, forts and castles. It has a rich culture and heritage. If we read the history, the countries of European continent were the important ones in many revolutions and moments. This continent share some of the medieval and Renaissance culture. France is one such country of Europe where you can get everything you wished to see in your life.

It has romance, snow covered mountains, fashion, food, breathtaking nature, dance, art, music, literature and much more which we cannot just count. If you have one European country on your list of holiday destination then prefer going to France. We have listed Top 10 Places To Visit In France.

10 Beaujolais

Top 10 Places To Visit In France
Beaujolais — Photo via

Starting with one of the most beautiful hill spots of France, Beaujolais is an amazing place for couples for spending their quality time. The delicious fruity wines and tasty food are the best attractions here due to which many visitors come here. You will enjoy the stunning greenery views all around this place.

The villages of Beaujolais province are very artistic and colorful with beautiful architecture. You can also see various Romanesque churches of mid-18th century. There are castle styled hotels for overnight stay where couples where they can get a feel of royal palace.

9 Brittany

Top 10 Places To Visit In France
Brittany — Photo via

Brittany is surrounded on all sides by water. It has an interesting history and there are many historic structures here such as Barnenez cairn, Mane Braz tumulus, Gavrinis tomb and many others.

This place has a variety of medieval structures designed in French and Romanesque styles. The beautiful castles look amazing with bright colors and wonderful architecture. You can enjoy in the countryside of Brittany with stunning oceanic views and sea waves hitting your feet.

8 Cannes

Top 10 Places To Visit In France
Cannes — Photo via

The next on the list is one of the best cities of France, Cannes. It hosts every year the Cannes Film Festival and Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. The city has amazing villas which depict the Roman architecture. Cannes has museums, forested island and many wonderful castles of ancient times which some of the most amazing features.

Many events and shows are organized each year in Cannes in different sectors such as trade, games, property and many others. There are numerous royal hotels and restaurants for tourists.

7 Chambord

Top 10 Places To Visit In France
Chambord — Photo via Pinterest

The next one is one of the most colorful and elegant castles in France, Chambord castle. It has the combination of French and Renaissance culture and architecture. It is the biggest castle in Loire Valley. This castle was designed by Domenico da Cortona.

The restoration work of this castle was done by King Louis XIV but after some years, he abandoned this castle. It has 440 rooms, 84 staircases and 282 fireplaces. The large park, beautiful roof, artistic doors and walls make this castle a classy and royal castle to visit once.

6 Biarritz and Saint-Jean-de-Luz

Top 10 Places To Visit In France
Biarritz and Saint-Jean-de-Luz — Photo via

Biarritz is the city which is located on the Bay of Biscay. You can enjoy the amazing sea beaches here with sunbath and drinks. There are many luxurious resorts here where you can take rest and enjoy various delicacies. Some of the best beaches here are Plage du Miramar and Grand Plage.

Further, you can head to a fishing port, Saint-Jean-de-Luz. The special kind of half-timbered Basque villages are the main features of this port. There are many sandy beaches, gourmet tapas here. The best time to visit these places in summer season as you can enjoy it to the fullest.

5 Lourdes

Top 10 Places To Visit In France
Lourdes — Photo via

Lourdes is a beautiful town of France famous for artistic structures and medieval forts and castles. Sanctuary of Lourdes is the famous pilgrimage spot here where more than 200 million people visit every year.

Ukrainian Church with 5 dome and wonderful interior designs is another good spot to watch. There are many museums in Lourdes where many historic antiques and articles are kept. You can also visit to many nearby tourist attractions such as Gavarnie Falls.

4 The Alsace Region

Top 10 Places To Visit In France
The Alsace Region – Photo via

The amazing Alsatian villages are one of the main characteristics of France. The houses here are made from timber walls and they have roofs made from flat tiles. The Gothic churches, canals, cathedral, narrow streets and balconies of houses with beautiful flowers make this region a worth one to watch during the time in France.

You can feel the nature at its best here with amazing hilly landscapes and green lush trees and patches of land covered in grass all over this region.

3 Lyon

Top 10 Places To Visit In France
Lyon — Photo via Vogue

Lyon has many historic landmarks and sites. The rivers Rhone and Saone flow throughout this city. There are many old structures made in Renaissance architecture here. You can enjoy the views of La Croix-Rousse hills by the dark passageways. Lyon has many hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, night clubs, cafes and many other tourist attractions.

You can enjoy an array of delicious French and many other European dishes in different restaurants here. Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourviere and Place des Terreaux are some other popular tourist spots to visit.

2 The French Alps

Top 10 Places To Visit In France
The French Alps — Photo via

On number 2, it is the French Alps which are heavenly beauty of France. You can enjoy the high snow covered mountain peaks with lush green trees. The beautiful water of the lakes and deep valleys will give a breathtaking feel by visiting here. Many visitors come here for doing various activities such as hiking, mountain climbing and cycling.

1 Paris and Versailles

Top 10 Places To Visit In France
Paris and Versailles — Photo via

How can you forget the city of love when you are in France? Paris, the most romantic city of the world has Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Notre-Dame Cathedral and many boulevards and cafes. You can then enjoy at Chateau de Versailles which is a UNESCO world Heritage Site.


France is a country of love, history, culture and heritage and since mane years, it has been the land of most notable celebrities and personalities, artists, poets and writers. It is a must watch tourist destination.

Top 10 Places To Visit In France

1. Paris and Versailles

2. The French Alps

3. Lyon

4. The Alsace Region

5. Lourdes

6. Biarritz and Saint-Jean-de-Luz

7. Chambord

8. Cannes

9. Brittany

10. Beaujolais



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