Top 10 Most Popular Brands in the World

Top 10 Most Popular Brands in the World

Nowadays, people want quality and they don’t mind paying a higher amount for it. There are companies who have built an image for themselves over the years and people blindly trust them. These companies have been providing their customers with same quality products or better products perpetually. They hardly have customer complaints or even if they have, their after service is also amazing leaving people full satisfied and with no grudges. These companies also come with something new which keep their customers interested and stick to them. They have their fixed market share and are hardly affected by any new comers in the market.

Here is a list top ten most popular brands in the world that are customer favorite for years now:

10 General Electricals (Brand Value- $36.7 billion)

general motors-Photo via benzinga.com

Commonly known as GE, is a multinational conglomerate from America. It was established in New York in the year 1892 on 15th April and has its headquarters in Boston. As of in the year 2016, the company is into: Oil and Gas, Transportation, Power and Water, Healthcare & Capital, which takes care of Life Science, Medical devices, Financial services, Automotives, Engineering industries, Pharmaceuticals and Software Development.

The company was actually a merger of many companies owned by Thomas Edison, who had interest in electrical industry. Later, a company Drexel, Morgan & Co. owned by Anthony J Drexel and J.P Morgan agreed to finance Edison’s experiments and brought all his companies together and named it Edison General Electric Company. Eventually, they acquired a lot of their competitors and formed General Electric with merger of Thomson-Houston Electric Company and General Electric Company. Presently, Jeffrey R. Immelt is the CEO & chairman of the company and the company has a market cap of $285.6 billion.

9 McDonald’s (Brand Value- $39.5 Billion)

Top 10 Most Popular Brands in the World-mcdonalds
Top 10 Most Popular Brands in the World-McDonalds

One of the most loved fast food brand all over the world not by just kids, but also by adults equally. They have a huge market share and operate worldwide. It is known for providing similar quality through all its outlets and its quick service.

The company was founded by Maurice and Richard McDonald in the year 1940 as barbecue restaurant and in 1948, the duo made it a hamburger stand. The company in 1955, was taken over by Ray Kroc and made it McDonalds Corporation sited in Oak Brook, Illinois. Over the years, the business evolved and now they mainly sell hamburgers, chicken products, cheeseburgers, breakfast items, French fries, milkshakes, desserts and soft drinks. They have in all, 68 million customers worldwide, with 36,538 chains in 119 countries. The company has a market cap of $110.1 billion and will be moving its headquarters to Chicago by 2018.

8 Disney (Brand Value- $39.5 Billion)

Top 10 Most Popular Brands in the World
Photo via Wikia.com

The name Disney is enough to take us back to our childhood and the fantasy world filled with the famous cartoon characters and how colorful it use to be. It has been a household worldwide since ages. Kids have been associated with it in some or the other way. The Walt Disney Company or just Disney is a multinational conglomerate and mass media company situated in California at its Walt Disney Studios. The company was established by duo brothers Roy O. Disney and Walt Disney in the year 1923 on 16th October as Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio.

The company became the leader of the animation world and slowly ventured into film production, theme parks and television. It is 2nd largest in world after Comcast as media conglomerate according to revenue. The company is known for its Walt Disney Studios and has 3 divisions Disney Media Networks, Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media and Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. It also operates and owns ABC Broadcast TV network and TV networks like Disney Channel, A+E Networks, Freeform and ESPN. The company has 14 theme parks all over the world. The most famous cartoon character Mickey Mouse created by the company and is also its mascot. Robert A. Iger is the CEO and Chairman of the company and the company has a market cap of $169.3 billion.

7 IBM (Brand Value- $41.4 billion)

Top 10 Most Popular Brands in the World--ibm
IBM–Photo via www.industriall-union.org

International Business Machines Corporation or IBM is a multinational technology co. from America. It has its headquarters in New York. The company was founded in 1911 as Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company or CTR and in 1924 it was renamed as “International Business Machines”.

The company is mainly into manufacturing and marketing computer hardware, software and middleware and also offers consultancy services in areas like nanotechnology and mainframe computers. It is a big research organization and holds a record for number of most patents for 23 years consecutively. The inventions include: ATM, Hard Drive, Floppy disk, relational database, magnetic stripe card, SQL programming language, DRAM and UPC barcode. The company operates in 170 countries and has Ginni Rometty as its President, CEO and Chairman. The company has a market cap of $142.7 billion.

6 Toyota (Brand Value- $42.1 billion)

Toyota–Photo via feelgrafix.com

Toyota is one of the most known and trusted car brands in the world. The car manufactured by them are used all over the world and customize its according to the people and the country. Toyota Motor Corporation is an automotive manufacturer from Japan and has its headquarters in Toyota, Aichi. The company was established in 1937 by Kiichiro Toyoda and Toyota Industries made its first car in 1936 and called it as Toyota AA.

As of 2014, it had 338,875 employees all over the world and was 13th largest in world according to revenue in 2016. It manufactured its 200 millionth vehicle in July 2016 and became the 1st company to produce above 10 million vehicles in a year. The company has Takeshi Uchiyamada as its Chairman and Akoi Toyoda as its CEO and President. The company has a $177 billion of market cap.

5 Facebook (Brand Value- $52.6 billion)

Facebook—Photo via Gizmoids

This company does not need any introduction. It has taken the internet by storm and is probably the youngest company on the list and still made a place at number 5. It one of the most used social media sites and has become a household name. It is a for-profit corp. and social media and social network service from America, based in California. The company launched its website in 2004 on 4th February by Mark Zuckerberg, with his college fellow roommates and students.

Initially, the site was allowed to be used just by the founder’s college students but later expanded it for use other universities and in 2006, by anyone who was above the age of 13.the name of the site came from the directories called face book, given to US university students. The site can be easily accessed through laptops, desktops, computers, tablets, smart phones etc. using mobile network or internet. Mark Zuckerberg is its CEO and Chairman and Sheryl Sandberg it COO. The company has a market cap of $314.8 billion.

4 Coca-Cola (Brand Value- $58.5 billion)

coco cola
Coco Cola–Photo via WonderfulEngineering.com

Other world known brand and one of the biggest soft drink manufacturer and has the biggest market share in this industry. People have been associated with it for years now and trust it completely and the flavor is loved by all. It is also often called as Coke and is a company that produces carbonated soft drinks from America and has its headquarters in Georgia.

The company was originally a patent medicine, was invented by John Pemberton in 19th century. The company was bought by Asa Griggs Candler and its marketing tactics made its dominance in the soft drink world. The two main ingredients of the drink were Kola nuts and Coca Leaves, but its current formula is a secret. The drinks are sold in more than 200 countries and consumers down more than 1.8 billion beverages every day. The company has a market cap of $193.8 billion.

3 Microsoft (Brand Value- $75.2 billion)

microsoft–Photo via conceptodefinicion.de

Microsoft Corporation or MS or Microsoft is a multinational technology co. from America and has its headquarters in Washington. The company came into existence in 1975 on 4th April by Bill Gates and Paul Allen for developing and selling BASIC interpreters for Altair 8800. It was raised to dominance with MS-DOS, an operating system for computers and followed by Microsoft Windows.

The company manufactures, develops, licenses, sells and supports computer software, personal computers and consumer electronics. The company is known for its OS Microsoft windows, MS Office, Edge web browser and Internet Explorer. It is world largest software company according to the revenue. Presently, John W. Thompson is the Chairman and Satya Nadella is its CEO. The company has its market cap as $407 billion.

2 Google (Brand Value- $82.5 billion)

google–Photo via MarekFiser.com

One of the most used search engine in the world, it is considered to have all answers to all the questions in the world. It is a multinational technology co. from America that specializes in services relating to internet including online advertising, cloud computing, search, hardware and software.

The company was established on 4th September, 1998 by Sergey Brin and Larry Page, during their PhD days in Stanford University. Both of them own about 14% shares in total with 56% voting power through super voting stock. The company headquarters are in California and serves worldwide. The company has Sundar Pichai as its CEO.

1 Apple (Brand Value- $154.1 billion)

Photo via Technology Vista

Apple Inc. is a multinational technology co. from America with its headquarters in Cupertino, California. The company was established in 1976 by Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne and Steve Jobs as Apple computer, Inc. and was renamed as Apple Inc. in 2007.

The company develops, design and sell computer software, online service and consumer electronics. Its product line includes iPhone, iPad, Mac book, Watch Smart watch and TV media player. The soft wares include products like iOS, macOS, iTunes, iLife and Safari web browser. The company has Tim Cook as its CEO and Arthur D. Levinson as its chairman. The company has a market cap of $586 billion.

Top 10 Most Popular Brands in the World

Sr No.10 Most Popular Brands 
1Apple (Brand Value- $154.1 billion)
2 Google (Brand Value- $82.5 billion)
3Microsoft (Brand Value- $75.2 billion)
4Coca-Cola (Brand Value- $58.5 billion)
5 Facebook (Brand Value- $52.6 billion)
6Toyota (Brand Value- $42.1 billion)
7IBM (Brand Value- $41.4 billion)
8Disney (Brand Value- $39.5 Billion)
9McDonald’s (Brand Value- $39.5 Billion)
10General Electricals (Brand Value- $36.7 billion)

These are such known brands that every household has either own one of its product or has used its services. I am sure your are also one of them.


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