Top 10 Qualities Women Want In Men

Qualities Women Want In Men

Top 10 Qualities Women Want In Men: Women always have a list of desirable qualities they would wish to have in their partner. Then whether it is his tone of speaking, skin tone, the way he dresses up, or smartness. It many a times is impossible to find a man who would fit all these criteria.

In teenage many girls just dream of having a guy with it all, the good looks, amazing job, nice family, humorous, and what not, but that is not reality. Also it does not mean that you won’t be able to find that man of your dream, but with a little re-evaluation of some of the qualities, could work out.So let’s have a look at the top 10 qualities women want in men:


Independence via

Independent in the sense that a man who is capable to handle himself, and his well being. A man who knows how to deal with situations, knows his decisions, can pay his rent, would like to earn on his own rather than being dependent on his family money, and who can cook.

Independent means taking responsibilities, standing on your own terms, besides no one wants to have a man, of whom you have to take care like a mother. He should be able to take the weight of the relationship, and, handle the ups and downs of a that comes with it, along with other things in life.


Passion is very important in any relationship, as no woman would like to date a man who has no passion. Having a man who is initiative not just in the room, but also outside is an important quality to look for, who would plan a date, and be completely passionate about you.

Who would be interested in the things that she likes, her work, life goals, hobbies, etc. Being passionate not just sexually but also emotional presence should be there. Without passion there won’t be any excitement, that drive, and craziness of being in a relationship, so every womandoes wish the man to be passionate.


Well looks are not everything but they do come into consideration. It is not bad to wish for a man to be good looking, despite their well behavior and nature. Women find it attractive and a good quality when men can groom themselves, pay attention on how they look, and dress up.

As a good sense of style tells a lot about the person, and why not put some effort on the looks, when as a man you wish to have a beautiful looking woman.At least try to stay fit, work out, taking care of your body, all these are important things women would like to see in men.


Women would feel very secure and sound when they are with a man who feels confident in his own self. Confidence is representing that you can handle the situations that come up, that she can be confident in him, that yes he can do it. The way he handles himself in the public, how he walks, the posture in which he stands, and the way he commutes, displays his level of confidence in his own self.

A man who can walk like he owns the room wherever he goes, and be a part of almost anything without fear, not get anxious or conscious if he makes a minute mistake when everyone is looking. As then a woman can know for sure that whatever situation would occur in their relationship, he will be able to handle it.

6Positive attitude

Positive attitude is a very important quality. When a man has a positive attitude in life, he can make anything work. Positivity is one important quality women want in men. Also being with someone who is positive would also make you feel positive, and life would be energizing and happening.

Rather than having a man who worries a lot, thinks that something might go wrong, or has no take on life, would bring negative outlook on your life as well. If he is positive, those vibes would also make you motivate, inspire you, and remove that exhaustion from life. Women worry a lot about so many things, on how will they get things done, so a man with such optimistic personality would calm her and make her feel good.


Faithfulness the most necessary quality a man should have, which every women looks for in men. As they obviously don’t want to be with a man who would cheat on them, especially in todays’ world, where there is access to such adultery websites, and applications which are created specifically to hide such indiscretions. Faithfulness takes a lot of devotion and work, but it is a necessary quality to have for any individual.

Women begin a relationship with the feeling and trust that it will last long, and with the notion that he loves her with his full heart. She gives her full commitment to this relationship and in return if she is cheated then that is very unfaithful. Rather be faithful and committed to the relationship and why not exchange some romantic texts and she will reciprocate the same.

4Communication skills

Communication is a very important criterion in any relationship, if only you as a woman is making all the conversations, and he is not taking any part in it, then the relationship won’t last for long.  Women like to be with men who can express their feelings, thoughts, convey it well, talk about how their day was and ask you about it.

Communication shows concern, care, and that there are things you both can talk about, and never run out of topics. Imagine a relationship where they love to be together but lack when it comes to communication, and convey their feelings, then how will it work out between the two. As in long term, communication is what will get you to know each other, and keep you together. If there is a fight or argument, then help clear it out by talking, as many a times during fights, ego strikes, no one tries to clarify, and talk, which results in break up or divorce.

3Good sense of humor


Sense of humor is a quality every women likes to have in men. It is way of impressing her, as it is the best trait a man could possess of. A man who can make you laugh in any circumstances, would bring so much of easiness in life. It is not just about breaking the ice, but it is helpful in having and sustaining a long term relationship.

Life isn’t always all nice and pretty, there are many ups and downs, so having a partner who can look at the lighter side and make you feel good is just great quality to have. Because if you are not able to spread laugh on daily basis, then what is the point of the relationship. Not all men are born with this quality, but they sure can laugh and make the situation lighter, and life easy.


Sociability, a man who can socialize is just amazing. Imagine a man who can just walk in the room, and be center of attraction, charm and bright up the whole place, and everyone in it, isn’t that a great quality a man could have? As many a times women try to be a part of his social life, be with his family, but he never does, then what is the point of having such relationship.

Women likes to be with a guy who can be a part of the conversation she is in, whether that is with her family, friends or coworkers at any event. High social skills are quite necessary in a guy, and this does not mean he has to be just talkative, but also a strong silent personality would do. Women from the beginning start noticing your social skills, the way you talk to everyone, when you go for dinner date, how you commute with the waiter, if any friends show up there, then would you introduce yourself nicely or not, all these are little things that matters a lot.


Loving woman embracing man on city street

Sensitivity is a key aspect as it is a quality every individual should have. Being sensitive means to be able to understand and empathize with what the other person is going through and be considerate about it.

No one would wish to date a man who would just not treat you rightfully, who just doesn’t care for your emotions, and is not able to comfort you in any rough scenario. Women likes to be with a sensitive man, who can understand her, woo her throughout the relationship, and knows something about romance.

There are qualities where women are not just looking for finer looks, or good biceps, but what is inside matters a lot, as physical appearance would change by time but good qualities would stay lifetime:

Top 10 Qualities Women Want In Men

  1. Independence
  2. Passion
  3. Looks
  4. Confidence
  5. Positive attitude
  6. Faithfulness
  7. Communication skills
  8. Good sense of humor
  9. Sociability
  10. Sensitive



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