Top 10 Recent Innovations That Have Bright Future

Top 10 Recent Innovations That Have Bright Future

Top 10 Recent Innovations That Have Bright Future

When we think of future we imagine it to be full of joy and happiness, something that gives us comfort and satisfaction. There should be some improvement as compared to the present, there should be something new and interesting, some new innovation, otherwise what is a future if no new innovations are there concerned with bright future. The innovations are made in order to make our lives easier than they are right now, like the time from a normal cell phone to now a smart phones it has helped us in an amazing way despite some consequences to it. But in these innovations there could be some potential danger. But let’s look at a brighter side, think positive, and hope that it is. So below is the list of top 10 recent innovations that makes our future brighter and easier.

10  Agile Robots

Top 10 Recent Innovations That Have Bright Future
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These are machines developed by scientists that have various types of capabilities and functions such as they can walk, run-not only on smooth surface but also an around not even terrain as well as rough area, which is pretty amazing, they can also balance, this makes them very useful in navigating or steering the human environment. We have all thought that someday robots are going to be the part of our lives, well that day is not so far, as in near future we might have robots around us as our pets, helpers, friends or life partners, this is where the development of Agile robots comes in which is just a step away from our future.

9  Neuromorphic Chips

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Our human brain is the most advance machine that processes lots of information at once, in the whole universe. Our brain has the capacity to process information at the speed of lightning even with a little energy. Our brain keeps on processing even while we are asleep, thinking consciously or unconsciously, whatever it is our brain never stops. In this engineering or neuromorophic there is an effort to impersonate the functioning of our brain, just as efficiently and fast. This chip could be used in our smart phones for just as ultra fast and efficient processor, and not just smart phones but also computers and well as robots.

8  Organic Radical Battery

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In this generation the one thing we can’t keep aside and live without is smart phones, they are our best friends’ well they even talk/reply to you. By every year there is some improvement and new update on these phones, but the only downside to these electronic machines as would everyone agree is the battery life, we need to carry a charger along everywhere, as there will shortage in the battery life and as we keep moving to future it keeps getting shorter. So in order to deal with this short time battery problem Organic Radical Battery is development, there were first developed in 2005 but now a newer version of it would be coming. But with that these batteries are not usually available for consumers, with that its practical use is being approached. The way this battery’s are made is very environmentally friendly compared to the other conventional batteries which are metal-based, with a plus point here. In this ORBs natural radical polymers are used that are plastics which are very flexible, which gives electrical power as an alternative of metals. Compared to the current Li-on Battery, ORBs are thought of as a high power substitute.

7  Hyperloop Trains

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To have Hyperloop Trains have been thought of from decades, but Elon Musk is the man who actually decided to bring this idea to reality. This train can go about the speed of an airplane, which can have passengers and cargo transportation that drives a pod-like medium via a tube that is near-vacuum. It is a new way of transporting people around the world as quickly as possible, with the safety in hand, and sees that there is a minimum cause to the environment. It can transport people or things at the speed of 745mph that is 1,200km per hour. Elon Musk had said that it can travel passengers from Los Angeles to San Francisco in thirty minutes which is even lesser time than a plane.

6 Bezel-less Phones

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Bezel –less phones are becoming very appealing to people, these are phone with very less border surrounding the phone, which means that the display of the phone can go up to the edges. But function wise there isn’t any additional changes thought there can be like the most loved phone of 2016 and 2017 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. With this there is also a minor problem that is when we are holding the phone we may accidentally touch around the display of the phone while we are just holding it. These phones are very thin, super minimalist design, and sleek which makes it looks attractive which we can’t help from being drawn to. However this feature hasn’t made much popularity yet, hopefully we will be seeing more designs in future as such.

5  Vertical Farming

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With Vertical farming we can produce food that is in vertically piled layers like in the warehouse used, or skyscraper. Food is one important need in our lives with oxygen and water, so with vertical farming one can have an indoor access to it and CEA technology that is Controlled Environment Agriculture, and vertical farming would require less space which can produce more food as the same amount of land but thousand times more. With this the problem of providing food to the huge population is a challenge which can be overcome by this innovation, which can help save Mother Nature as well.

4  Virtual Reality Headsets

Top 10 Recent Innovations That Have Bright Future
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The idea of Virtual Reality is not something new anymore, where in the year 2016 it came in light and people started using it. As of now it’s working best for gamers or to watch any videos or movies, while blocking out everything else and enjoying the time being. But this innovation requires a lot of improvement, as remember being told to watch TV from a distance? And now this being so bright and near won’t it cause any problem to the eyes, it is a concern.

3 Manufactured Houses

Top 10 Recent Innovations That Have Bright Future
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This may sound weird but what if our houses came built and just placed on the property? In 2007 people living in urban areas outshined the ones living in rural areas. But with this as many people are living in cities that is more space, increased the prices that actually affects the students who have moved in the cities to pursue their dream. So manufactured houses are trying to solve such problem, as they are made in bulk in factories, and are quite easy to manufacture, as well as it requires less money to design, thus it decreases the prices, solving the problem.

2 Self Driving Cars

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Self driving cars the one technology that is being most awaited, where it solves the problem of accidents, as many people die while driving due to alcohol consumption or napping. This innovation is still being worked upon as it requires a lot of work and improvement yet, as per one example while test driving such car, it crashed into a bus as it wanted to avoid sandbags blocking the path. This kind on things happen usually with humans but here it promises to do better, so it has to learn a few things and take proper decisions when there is such situation.

1  3D Printing

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This innovation is one of its kind, imagine being able to create a replica of almost anything for example internal organs which doctors are using of human patients such as the heart. It is also called additive manufacturing; it was first invented in the 1980s. This technique is still developing, as it is still in its infancy, it needs some improvement and besides the hospitals, may be in the near future we can print any type of product that you can make on internet when you are just in your house.

Top 10 Recent Innovations That Have Bright Future

No. 10 Recent Innovations That Have Bright Future
1 3D Printing
2 Self Driving Cars
3 Manufactured Houses
4 Virtual Reality Headsets
5 Vertical Farming
6 Bezel-less Phones
7 Hyperloop Trains
8 Organic Radical Battery
9 Neuromorphic Chips
10 Agile Robots

There are a lot of changes happening, which may improve and make our future easier with all the new innovations in technology, despite some complications which would be there. Previously in the past it wasn’t imaginable to treat serious diseases like a stroke or a heart problem, but technology now has made it possible where doctors are able to treat such patients via intravenous surgery, where they would even be able to walk within a few hours like no such condition existed. Innovation is something that will keep on happening in life and that’s how it should be; we have creative minds, so why not create a better future for the betterment of mankind and science.

There are so many innovations happening day by day it’s hard to even keep track of it any more. So hope this list of top 10 innovations that have bright future helps you know what’s coming for the easiness in our lives.



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