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Top 10 Sugarcane Producing Countries in the World

Top 10 Sugarcane Producing Countries in the World

Sugarcane or Saccharum Officiarum is mainly known as a source of sugar and jiggery.check out which country Most Producing sugarcane in the world ?? Here is list of  Top 10 Sugarcane Producing Countries in the World They are majorly found in tropical regions of Melanesia and South Asia in warm temperature. The plants can reach a height of 2-6m and are from Poaceae family of grass. According to the quantity produced worldwide, it is world’s biggest crop.

The production of sugar in crystal form started in Northern India, but exact date is not clear. Thereafter, sugar was introduced to the rest of the world.

Top 10 Largest Sugarcane Producing Countries
Top 10 Largest Sugarcane Producing Countries

look at the list Top 10 Sugarcane Producing Countries in the World:

10 United States of America

United States is considered as one of the biggest economies in the world with a large market. US as country have left its mark in every field from agriculture to technology.

Most of the sugarcane production in the country comes from its states like Louisiana, Hawaii, Florida and Texas. Every year, in states, sugarcane is harvested in about 900 thousand acres land and out of that more than a billion dollar of revenues are generated. In 2013, revenues reached about 2 billion. In 2014, 15.05 million tons of produce came from Florida and about 15.02million ton is expected the next year. Half of the countries sugarcane harvest comes from Florida, Louisiana behind it and Hawaii and Texas are almost at par when comes to production. From 2013-2014, the country produced about 7.7million tons, whereas, global production was about 180million tons. In recent times, the country had 29,235,877million tons of production.

9 Indonesia

Indonesia is situated in Southeast Asia with some territories located in Oceania. The country is 25th largest exporter and mainly exports palm oil, crude petroleum, petroleum gas, rubber, crude petroleum and coal briquettes.

The sugarcane industry in Indonesia is on a downfall. The sugarcane productions have declined over the years due to reduced fields of sugarcane and are majorly owned by individuals and small farmers. The risk of land conversion increases as farmers and individuals seek to grow crop that is more beneficial. The majority of the sugarcane production takes place in Java due to land suitability but over the years it has been rapidly transformed into residential and industrial area. The reference price by the government has left a huge impact on the industry, making the issue even acute leaving only 469,000 hectares of land under sugarcane harvest as compared to 1.35million of Thailand. After all the aforementioned issues, Indonesia is on no#9 on the list with 28,700,000 million tons of production.

8 Philippines

Philippines is an island country located in Southeast Asia in west of Pacific Ocean. The countries economy is 33rd biggest and mainly exports goods like electronic products and semiconductors, garments, transport equipment, copper products, coconut oil, petroleum products and fruits.

In 2005, the country was 9th largest in sugar production and as a member of Association of Southeast Asian Nations, it was 2nd largest. In the country, sugarcane production takes place in about 17 provinces, out which, 2 on Negros Island, which has about half of total population of the country. As of 2009-2010, there were 6 mills in Luzon, 4 mills in Panay, 13 mills in Negros, 3 mills in Mindanao, and 3 in Eastern Visayas. Sugar was a major export for the country during late 18th century and mid 1970s for reasons like it got foreign exchange and elite Filipinos used to accumulate wealth in its form. The sugar industry provides employment to about 700,000 workers of sugarcane and contributes about 69.7 billion pesos in the GDP of the country. Philippines had a total production of 32,000,000 million tons.

7 Colombia

It is a country that’s transcontinental and mostly located in northwest part of South America. It is natural resource rich country and its exports include oils, mineral fuels, Distillation products, forest products, precious stones, pulp and paper, coffee, sugar and confectioneries of sugar etc.

Colombia is 13th largest producer of sugar in the world and 2nd biggest in non-centrifugal production of sugar after India. The penela (non-centrifugal) sugar industry provided employment to about 120 thousand farmers. The important feature of the sugar industry in the country is, the sugarcane is grown throughout the year and thus, harvesting, distilling and milling goes on continuously. The processing and production is mainly located in the parts of river valley of Cauca. In Cauca, it has a growing climate and number of mills supports the production and economies of scale. The country produced about 33,363,560 million tons every year.

6 Mexico

Mexico is federal republic situated in northern parts of North America. The country in mainly into exports of electronics and it constitutes about 30% of the export.

Sugar industry in the country contributes about 0.5% in GDP. The sugarcane fields are spread over 670,000 hectares and is the 2nd largest in terms of crop area only after corn. The sugarcane production ranges from 60-70metric tons per hectare. The crop is harvested mainly in the parts of Veracruz, Jalisco and San Luis Potosi, Nayarit, Oaxaca and Chiapas etc. The sugar cane sector provides employment to about 2 million people and is grown from October-June. In 2010, about 44million a metric ton was harvested out of which 5.2million metric tons was extracted as sugar, which was 7.4% more as compared to 2009. The country is 6th largest in sugarcane export and supplies mainly to USA.

5 Pakistan

Islamic Republic of Pakistan is situated at the crossroad of West Asia and South Asia. The country mainly exports products like cotton and is self sufficient in production of sugarcane and 4th biggest milk producers.

Sugarcane is one of the important crops in Pakistan. It is one of the major sources of employment and income for farmers and is an essential part of industries like chip board, barrages, sugar, confectionery, plastic, chemicals, synthetics, paints, insecticides, detergents and fiber. The sugarcane harvesting area has increased over the years but the increase in production was very low. The average production should be about 45-40 tons/ hectare, which is lower than the cane harvest in other countries. It exports sugar to its nearby countries like Tajikistan, Afghanistan and other countries in central Asia. The country had a total of 58,397,000million tons of sugarcane production.

4 Thailand

Also known as Kingdom of Thailand is the country located in the middle of Indochinese peninsula in the Southeast Asia. The economy of Thailand is largely dependent on exports and constitutes about 2/3rd of the country’s GDP. The country mainly exports footwear and textiles, rice, fishery products, jewelry, rubber, computers, electrical appliances and cars.

The sugarcane production has increased over the years, with record production in 1996. The success can be attributed to good sugarcane prices, capacity expansion and relocation of sugar factory and also the weather, which is very suitable for such crops. About 107,000 small land holders produce sugarcane and takes about 10-14mnths to grow. In recent times, more than 50% of the production is exported with an average of 945,000 tons and earned $47million. The country produced about 98,400,000 million tons of sugarcane.

3 China

Also known as People’s Republic of China is on the north of subtropical forests and is separated from central and south Asia through Karakoram, Tian Shan, Pamir and Himalayas. It is world’s most populous country with 2nd largest economy in the world.

It is world’s 3rd biggest sugar making country following Brazil and China. Over a decade, the production of sugar in the country was about 11.64 million tons, which is 49.86% more than the earlier decade. The sugar industry has about 270 operating mills with 233 sugarcane mills & 37 sugar beet mills. Many other products like paper, pulp, alcohol, xylitol, yeast, chemicals, feed, bio-manure also produced using sugarcane; sugar is the major contributor. The areas in which sugarcane is produced include western Guangdong, Yunnan and Guangxi. The country has produced about 123,460,500 million tons of sugarcane.

2 India

Also known as Republic of India, it is a country situated in south of Asia. It is 7th biggest in area and 2nd most populous in the world. India is 4th biggest producer and 3rd biggest exporter. The country mainly exports petroleum products, jewelry, textile goods, engineering goods, leather manufactures and chemicals.

Sugarcane is one of the major crops of India along with wheat, rice, oilseeds, jute, cotton, tea and potatoes. The country has about 453 mills out of which 252 are of co-operative sector and 134 of private. The areas where sugarcane is grown are Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. India is the biggest sugar consumer and about 16million tons is consumed every year. The total turnover of the sugarcane industry is about Rs. 500 billion every year. The country produced about 361,037,000 million tons of sugarcane.

1 Brazil

Also known as Federation Republic of Brazil, it is the biggest country in Latin and South America. It is 5th biggest in population and has Portuguese as its Official language. The major products exported are aircrafts, automobiles, electrical equipments, ethanol, footwear, textiles, steel, iron ore, steel, orange juice etc.

The sugarcane production gained popularity in mid of 16th century and became a major export product. In 17th century, with the discovery of gold, the sugarcane production declined. In 1975, ProÁlcool was made as a substitute for automobile fuel. In the year 2011, about 623,905million tons of sugarcane was produced. Sáo Paulo is the place from where about 60% of the production comes. In recent times, the country produced about 721,077,287 million tons of sugarcane.

Top 10 Sugarcane Producing Countries in the World

Sr No.10 Sugarcane Producing Countries
10United States of America

Apart from being the major producer of sugar, sugarcane is also a part of cuisines of many countries and its juice is often severed to people with a dash of lemon in it. it has many health benefits attached to it as well.


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