Top 10 Super Foods which Helps Cleanse the Liver

Super Foods which Helps Cleanse the Liver

Diseases nowadays are everywhere, some or the other person around us would be suffering with bad health. Liver is one of the vital organs in one’s body, which weighs around 3 pounds, in those healthy adults. Liver is basically responsible for maintaining and managing the vital functions, which are related with digestion, immune system, and metabolism, as well as it stores the nutrients in the body, which are required for survival.

Many people suffer from fatty disease of liver, and many don’t even know about it. As in today’s world there are different varieties of food available, prepared in several ways, and this different types of food intake are in a way ruining health of a person. You should be careful as to what you are consuming, as what you eat, builds your body and also is responsible for your wellbeing. The reason behind the problem with liver is the intake of starch, refined carbohydrates, and sugar which not only damages the liver, but also the body. So when you are not keeping your diet right, it is affecting your liver, and because of this it is not being able to function and process the fat and toxins effectively. This actually raises other health issues such as chronic fatigue, obesity, headaches, allergies, cardiovascular disease, digestive problems, and many more. So let’s look at the top 10 super foods which helps cleanse the liver.

10 Avocados

Top 10 Super Foods which Helps Cleanse the Liver
Top 10 Super Foods which Helps Cleanse the Liver–Photo via

Avocados consists of some potent chemicals which helps reduce the damage done to liver, this is based on the study done by American Chemical Society, in the year 2000. Avocados are rich with Glutathione, which is a particle required in order to detoxify the harmful toxins in the liver, and also to process and function properly.

There is also a high amount of those mono-unsaturated fat present in Avocado, that helps decrease the low density of lipoproteins, or you can say the bad cholesterol, along with this it raises the high density of lipoproteins or those good cholesterols. Our liver can very well process any good type of cholesterol and not the bad cholesterol. Also Avocados are rich in vitamins, plant nutrients, and minerals, that helps support the overall health of liver and also breaks down fatty acid. You can eat about 1 or 2 Avocados every week for some months and you will see the difference.

9 Green tea

Top 10 Super Foods which Helps Cleanse the Liver
Green tea–Photo via

Green tea as we all know is the best drink to have, in order to detoxify your body. It not just would be helpful in cleansing the liver but the overall body and its function. It breaks down the fatty acid and it is the best to fight obesity as well. Based on a study published by International Journal of Obesity, said that in tea there are catechins which helps in stimulating the lipid catabolism of liver.

Also if you have healthy beverage, then it will help protect your liver from those damaging effects of the substances that are toxic such as alcohol. You can drink like 2 or 3 cups of green tea on daily basis, and there are also several flavors available in it. Some people don’t like the original taste of green tea, so by adding honey and lemon to it would make the drink better and tastier. It is helpful in preventing and treating liver diseases, so it was found by Cancer causes and control in the year 2009, that having green tea regularly would lower the chance of getting liver cancer. But also don’t have an excess amount of it as it could cause adverse effect on body and liver.

8 Lemons

Top 10 Super Foods which Helps Cleanse the Liver
lemon Phot via

Lemons have anti oxidants called D-Limonene, which is very helpful in detoxifying and cleansing the liver, and this also activated enzymes which help with detoxification in liver. Lemons go along very well with any types of food, so it won’t be a problem consuming them on daily basis.

Also you can make lemon water on your own at home, this can be done by adding 1 lemon juice to water, also you could add salt and sugar to it, to enhance the taste. It has vitamin C in it which is in high amount, and this helps the liver to produce enzymes that help with digestion.

7 Garlic

Top 10 Super Foods which Helps Cleanse the Liver
Garlic–Photo via

Garlic is a herb that is helpful in cleansing the liver, and also it helps our body in many other ways, even if you have a simple cold, fever, or sore throat, garlic helps a lot in curing it faster. Garlic has two types of natural particles which are selenium and allicin. This activates the enzymes which helps detoxify the toxins in liver.

Also garlic consumption reduces the triglyceride as well as cholesterol levels and this would overload and hamper the functioning of liver. In order to have healthy liver, try having raw garlic which is fresh, compared to the processed one. You can also have minced or powder garlic, and eat 2 or 3 cloves of raw garlic daily. Try to have garlic every day  in your meal as well.

6 Grapefruit

Top 10 Super Foods which Helps Cleanse the Liver
Grapefruit–Photo via

Grapefruit is rich in Vitamin C, also it is anti-oxidant, and pectin, which helps in cleansing your liver. Grapefruit also consists of glutathione, which is a strong form of anti oxidant and it neutralizes those free radicals, as well as cleanses the liver.

You can have a glass of freshly made juice of grapefruit or might as well enjoy having it as a fruit along with breakfast everyday. Grapefruit is great in taste, so having it daily is something you can deal with easily.

5 Apples

Top 10 Super Foods which Helps Cleanse the Liver
Apples–Photo via

Now apples are that fruit which many of us love having, and it is great for health as well as for liver which is one of the vital organ. As you might have ‘an apple a day keeps doctor away’, well it actually does. Once you know the benefits of it, and give it a try, you will see the difference in no time.

Apples have high amount of pectin, with many other chemicals which are necessary for detoxifying, as well as releasing toxins. Apple helps cleaning the toxins from the liver and makes it an easier process. You can have an apple everyday, or have a juice of it.

4 Olive oil

Top 10 Super Foods which Helps Cleanse the Liver
Olive oil–Photo via

Well as we all know, oil is one thing, that gives us a lot of worries, and we try to select the best oil which would benefit our health. Olive oil is that one great oil, which is very healthy, and cooking your meal in this oil would let you have a lot of benefits. Because we make use of oil in most of our meals, so having the best one is great.

Also the cold presses oil which are organic are very good for health, such as hemp, flaxseed, etc. It gives us great support towards liver. It is a great idea to give your body a liquid type of base, which would take up all the harmful toxins present in our body.

3 Beetroots

Top 10 Super Foods which Helps Cleanse the Liver
Beetroots–Photo via

Beetroots are again a very powerful food, that you can consider of having, especially while detoxifying those toxins. It cleanses and is supportive towards all the functioning of liver.  Beetroot also purifies the blood, and has many other benefits.

It has beta carotene and plant flavonoids in high amount, which stimulates and advances the overall functioning of liver. You can have a fresh juice of it on daily basis or prepare a salad and have it.

2 Tomatoes

Top 10 Super Foods which Helps Cleanse the Liver
Tomatoes–Photo via

Tomatoes are one food item, that goes along with many things. They are good in taste, and enhances the flavor of any food item. You can have it in the form of salad, sandwich, juice of it, or mix it in any type of dish or cuisine.

They have high amount of the compound Glutathione, which is helpful in cleansing the liver and advancing the functioning of it. It is great for skin, breast, as well as lung cancer, as it has Lycopene.

1 Turmeric

Top 10 Super Foods which Helps Cleanse the Liver
Turmeric–Photo via

Turmeric has many health benefits, especially in ancient times, people used to cure many diseases and illnesses with it. It is a great form of spice, which you can have with any type of food, and enjoy it. It cleanses the liver and improves its functioning.

It is the best spice for liver, and it boosts the process of detoxification of the liver, making it healthier. It would flush out the toxins and its enzymes would remove any dietary carcinogens.

So there are many types of food, which helps the functioning of liver to be better, and also detoxifies or cleanses all the waste, and removes toxins. A healthy liver is necessary, as liver is a vital organ, any damage to that would be very harmful. So below is the top 10 such super foods which helps in cleansing the liver:

Top 10 Super Foods which Helps Cleanse the Liver

Rank  Super Foods which Helps Cleanse the Liver
1 Avocados
2 Green tea
3 Lemons
4 Garlic
5 Grapefruit
6 Apples
7 Olive oil
8 Beetroots
9 Tomatoes
10 Turmeric





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