Top 10 Tea Brands in the World

Tea is one of the most loved drinks/beverages of a majority of people. The tea lovers would often find the excuses or chances to grab their cup of tea. Tea soothes your mind, vanishes all the laziness out of your body and refreshes you. This is why tea is consumed by a majority of people right after they get up in the morning.

A number of teas are available in a number of brands today. Some of these tea brands are very expensive while the others are nominal as well as preferable. These tea brands are putting their best foot forward in making the best teas for their consumers and this is why they have started introducing the teas in different flavors. These brands are famous worldwide and are offering the best of teas to their consumers. Following are considered as the top ten tea brands of the world.

10 Tetley:

Tea Brands

This English tea and beverage manufacturer is one of the oldest producers of tea which was founded back in the year 1837. This brand happens to be the second largest distributer as well as manufacturer of tea in the world. The empire of Tetley is widespread among 40 different countries of the world. The tea bags of this tea offer 60 different flavors to the consumers.

The flavors are soothing, rich and very tasteful. Tetley was purchased by the Tata Group in the year 2000 who later mixed this tea with the Tata Tea in the year 2006. Tetley is an established and the largest company of tea in the nations like Canada as well as the United Kingdom. Today, Tetley is referred as a subsidiary of Tata Global Beverages and it sells the best of tea to the world.


9 Yorkshire Tea:

Yorkshire Tea
Yorkshire Tea

Yorkshire Tea was initially a very popular black tea which was made by Taylors and Bettys of Harrogate. The company was established in the year 1886 and since then it has been producing the best of tea in the world. Apart from tea, the brand is also a very popular seller of coffee. The brand also sells different varieties of tea depending upon the taste and the flavor of the person who is sipping it.

All the flavors are very delighting to the taste buds as well as rejuvenating to the body. This brand uses the best varieties of teas grown in the areas like Kenya, Sri Lanka as well as Assam of India. The most preferred varieties of this tea are Yorkshire Tea, Yorkshire Gold, Yorkshire Tea for Hard water and Yorkshire Tea Decaffeinated. The brand is now extending its empire by the way of selling a range of different kinds of biscuits, cakes as well as fruit loaves to all its customers.


8 Bigelow:


One of the top ten tea brands of the world that produces and manufactures the best of tea is Bigelow. This American Company once started its business as a family business and today it has grown into one of the biggest names of tea in the world. This brand sells its products in a number of varieties. The most preferred teas produced by the Bigelow Tea Company are the green tea, black tea and herbal tea. Although, this company is a private owned entity, yet it manages to earn profits of $90 million on an average. The most distinctive factor about this brand is that it doesn’t use any kind of spices in the production of tea. The record of the employees in the company as recorded in the year 2009 was 350 employees. All the teas produced by this company are highly tasteful which is why this company is considered as one of the famous tea-making brands of the world.


7 Lipton:


One of the oldest tea brands that have been owning the tea markets from the last 125 years is Lipton. This brand belongs to Unilever which is a very famous company and is well-recognized throughout the world. This company started off with its business in the United Kingdom for the very first time and later introduced itself to the whole world. All the tea produced by Lipton are rich in taste as well as quality.

The founder of the company, Thomas Lipton had made sure that all the consumers must get the best of the flavors while sipping the Lipton tea and therefore the company has never compromised in terms of its quality. Once upon a time, Lipton was also a chain of supermarket in the United Kingdom but then it was sold to Argyll Foods in order to allow the brand to put its focus wholly on the tea. Lipton has become one of the most renowned names in the world tea markets and a majority of people today prefer drinking the teas of this brand.


6 Dilmah:


This Sri Lankan brand has emerged to be one of the best tea brands of the world. Founded in the year 1974, Dilmah today has become very popular name all throughout the world. Today, this brand is serving and selling the best of the tea in more than 92 countries of the world. All the flavors of tea produced by this brand are highly rich in terms of the taste as well as quality.

The black tea and the green tea produced by the brand is absolutely worth a try. Interestingly, the name of this brand was chosen by mixing the first two names, Dilmah and Malik, the sons of the owner of the brand. Today this brand has established a very big empire in the world and the countries like the United Kingdom, South Africa, Pakistan, Lithuania, New Zealand, Japan, Australia, Indonesia, Hungary, Chile, Canada, Poland, Sri Lanka and Russia are sipping the different varieties of tea manufactured by Dilmah.


5 The Republic of Tea:

The Republic of Tea
The Republic of Tea

This private American company produces the best of teas in the world. The tea produced by this company is totally organic in nature and is good for health. Thus, a majority of people consume this tea for various health benefits as well. This is the very first brand to have introduced the teas like red tea and white tea. According to the history of this brand, it used to produce various different beverages as well as wines in its early days.

The teas of the Republic of the Tea are totally organic and exotic in nature. This brand is also very famous for the packaging of its loose teas as well as tea bags in cylindrical and tall tea cans and tins. All these amusing features make this tea one of the best teas of the world.


4 Harney & Sons:

Harney & Sons
Harney & Sons

Harney & Sons came into establishment in the year 1983 and since then it has been producing the best of teas that are superior as to its taste and quality. These teas are little expensive than other tea brands. Harney & Sons also happens to be the brand that distributes its tea to all the leading shops as well as hotels.

This brand has been nominated as the best tea brand in the world in the year 2009. There is also a book based on this brand by the name of ‘Harney and Sons Guide to Tea’ which was a nomination of the James Beard Foundation Book award in the year 2009. The packaging of this tea too is very unique and beautiful and the box itself depicts the story of its luxurious taste. This tea is also packaged in various silken sachet tea bags as well as other standard tea bags.


3 Tazo:


Tazo is considered as the third best tea brand of the world. The simple as well as herbal tea offered by this brand is simply worth your taste. Initially, it started working off as a field of tea in Portland but later Tazo was purchased by Starbucks. Today, it has acclaimed a very strong position in the world market of tea.

A number of flavors are manufactured by this tea brand that are really tasteful in nature. The packaging of this tea comes in the packets of various sizes. The brand has made available its small packets especially for the people who consume tea in a less quality.


2 Celestial Seasonings:

Celestial Seasonings
Celestial Seasonings

This American tea brand happens to be the second best tea brand in the world. The Celestial Seasonings herbal tea is considered as the best tea of this brand.

A number of flavors like black tea, green tea as well as white tea are mostly consumed and admired by the tea-lovers. Based in Boulder, Colorado, America, the Celestial Seasonings entertains the annual sale of around $100,000,000 on an annual basis.


1 Twinings:


The best tea brand of the world that produces and manufactures the most amazing and tasteful teas is Twinings. This British brand is the oldest manufacturers of tea in the world and has been running well in the field since the year 1706.

Various different varieties of teas are produced by Twinings that are available all around the world. This brand is in the ownership of Associated British Foods and produces the most flavorful teas in the world. The annual sale of this brand is huge.


Top 10 Tea Brands in the World

Sr no. Brand Names
1 Twinings
2 Celestial Seasonings
3 Tazo
4 Harney & Sons
5 The Republic of Tea
6 Dilmah
7 Lipton
8 Bigelow
9 Yorkshire Tea
10 Tetley


These Tea Brands manufacture varieties of tea in different flavors and tastes. All the teas produced by these famous brands are worth your taste.

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