Top 10 Tips To Stay Safe Online

Tips To Stay Safe Online

Internet surfing is most popular and favorite thing people do these days. Chatting on social media sites and watching online videos are increasing day by day. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and lots of other social sites are just like a routine schedule for all of us at home, office, college and schools. It is a very convenient way to get connected with our friends and cousins staying away from us in other part of the world.

There are countless things we can do online. We can watch movies, TV shows and get large part of information on internet related to beauty, health, fitness, cooking, fashion, history, science and lots of other areas. But, sometimes online surfing proves to be dangerous. Many a times, your personal details can get revealed to third-party. So in order to be safe online, follow the Top 10 Tips To Stay Safe Online.

10 Tighten Up Your Privacy Settings

Top 10 Tips To Stay Safe Online
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While accessing any social media sites, make sure that you adjust your privacy settings. You should provide limited information for the service which you are using. Sometimes, if the personal information is leaked, the person many get into trouble and his IP address can be leaked to third-party.

You should create customized profiles. You should use plugins like Ghostery and Privacy Badger to prevent your online activities and personal details being leaked to outsider. These plugins provide extra safety while using internet.

9 Be Upto date

Top 10 Tips To Stay Safe Online
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Surfing internet in not entertaining but also provides us much information about the different things in the world. You should always check your online history. Check all the websites you visit and also be sure about the different sites from which you download videos and movies.

Security software works better on your PC/laptops. You should backup your data often so that you can have the information saved on your devices. Make sure you visit to genuine and reliable sites for safety of your device.

8 Block Unwanted Ads

Top 10 Tips To Stay Safe Online
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Adblocker can be a great thing to use while surfing of internet. It will increase the speed of your internet and also removes irritating ads while watching any movie or video on sites. Adblocker is a safe method to prevent your device from malicious software that comes on mails and ads.

It prevents popups form appearing on your tabs. There are many adblockers that you can use such as uBlock Origin. This adblocker works smoothly on all browsers.

7 Beware Of Scams

Top 10 Tips To Stay Safe Online
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There are many scams which come on social media sites through videos and emails. You should not click on any unknown links or videos as they may have malicious content causing harm to your devices. Hacking is another common scam which has increased these days on many sites. Make it sure you don’t become the victim of “ransomware which is a common scam these days.

Avoid using unknown links and sites as they leak your private details to the third-party. There are many hackers who give threats to people to block all their important files if they don’t certain sum of money.

6 Avoid using public Wi-Fi

Top 10 Tips To Stay Safe Online
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Nowadays, you find Wi-Fi at all the public places such as airports, pubs, restaurants and many other places. But you must take care of certain things while using a public Wi-Fi connection. Your personal details such as passwords, emails and important files may get leaked by hackers.

While in public places, you should transfer such data which has no risk. You should not carry out bank transactions or provide information about the bank details anywhere in the public places. Use a VPN service for security.

5 Lookout for Secure Sites

Top 10 Tips To Stay Safe Online
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While shopping online from any App or carrying out banking transactions, check always the address of site. It should have “https” instead of “http”. The one with “https” is safer than the one with “http”. This address of the sites ensures encryption of data and cannot be leaked to third –party.

Your online activities and other private information are fully secured when you use the sites with address “https”. Check the spellings and words of the sites which you use as they can be fake copies of original sites. You should always use an antivirus.

4 Two-factor authentication

Top 10 Tips To Stay Safe Online
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This method is very effective while surfing internet. There are many websites which ask for your personal details while registering for them. The bank websites and other government sites provide extra safety by confirmation of a person’s identity via SMS.

In case of shopping and other websites, the codes are sent on the personal mobile number of the users. The two-factor authentication should be used to avoid the personal details being leaked to hackers.

3 Be Careful While Downloading Apps

Top 10 Tips To Stay Safe Online
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There are numerous Apps, games and websites providing unlimited information and fun. But you need to be selective while using these Apps and sites as they contain virus and malware. Many a time, the text messages are sent on a person’s mobile.

Such messages should not be forwarded and one should not click on any unknown links. While downloading any games or Apps, make sure that you download from official App store and reliable links. Security software should be used while using any games and Apps on mobile phones.

2 Scan Your Emails

Top 10 Tips To Stay Safe Online
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The email frauds are increasing each day. You may have gone through many trash and junk mails in your email account. These mails contain links which may cause harm to your PC/laptops and even your personal details such as mobile number and bank account number. Always be sure while checking your emails and URLs of the links. Never enter any personal details on strange sites.

1 Use Unique Passwords

Top 10 Tips To Stay Safe Online
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While using any social media sites and bank websites, make sure you keep a difficult password. This method will protect your important data and information and does not leak to the hackers. Don’t reuse the password as it makes easy for the hackers to get the data from your account. You can also use password manager to create complex and difficult passwords.

Online frauds are recorded each day around the world and so it is very important for the users to be safe.

Top 10 Tips To Stay Safe Online


1. Use Unique Passwords

2. Scan Your Emails

3. Be Careful While Downloading Apps

4. Two-factor authentication

5. Lookout for Secure Sites

6. Avoid using public Wi-Fi

7. Beware Of Scams

8. Block Unwanted Ads

9. Be Upto date

10. Tighten Up Your Privacy Settings


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