Top 10 Ugliest Pokémon Ever

Ugliest Pokémon Ever

Nothing beats the craze of Pokémon among the people. This entire concept of Pokémon was introduced in the 90s where the Pokémon characters were the favorite cartoon characters of a majority of people. Almost every kid across the globe eyed on these Pokémon characters and would glue themselves on to the TV screens. Soon the Pokémon began to be seen everywhere – right from different Pokémon toys to video games, merchandise and many more.
The craze of Pokémon is intact even today and this entire concept of Pokémon is played on the mobile games too with a great sense of enthusiasm. Thus, the number of fictional characters in Pokémon has reached from 151 to a whopping 718. There are a number of Pokémon characters that are loved by the people. At the same time, there are some of the ugliest Pokémon characters as well.  Following is the list of the top ten ugliest Pokémon ever.

10 Stunfisk:

Stunfisk (image via

The Stunfisk is considered as the tenth ugliest Pokémon character out of all the characters today. This character is an electric type of Pokémon which was introduced in the fifth generation of this entire series. Though it was supposed to be similar to the trap, however the resemblance of this character is more like a flattened fish, which makes it look all the more creepy and very ugly.
The semi-circle like tail of this character is yellow in color which is attached to a mud-brown body and opal shaped eyes. If compared to all the other characters of the series, this character of Pokémon is really ugly and vile. The overall appearance of this character is nothing lesser than an absurd looking character.

9 Weezing:

Weezing – image via

This first generation Pokémon called Weezing is considered as the ninth ugliest Pokémon out of all the characters. As strange as it sounds, this Pokémon is a poison type character which looks pretty ugly if compared to others. In fact, it has always been considered as one of the ugliest characters of Pokémon by the fans themselves.
So basically, this Pokémon is based on an ugly tumor which comprises of a strange structure. There are two different heads which further make him look all the more creepy. One of these heads is large and other is a smaller one which is attached to the former. The purple coloring of these heads makes it look all the more gross. Weezing is able to move around very easily and it has appeared a number of times in the first season.

8 Phantump:

Phantump – image via DeviantArt

Phantump is considered as the eighth ugliest Pokémon on the earth. This character of Pokémon belongs to Generation VI and it appears to be pretty gross and ugly. The overall appearance of this Pokémon is a ghost/grass type which is also believed to have a spirit of a child possessing the stump. This feature makes the overall appearance of this Pokémon as very scary.
The rotten tree appearance of this Pokémon has a grey coloring. Its eyes are black and large and there are branches too. The sounds that this Pokémon makes imitates anything and everything – yes, this happens to be the special character of this Pokémon. It also has a hidden ability called as Harvest.


Lickilicky – image via

This weird looking Pokémon is considered as the seventh ugliest Pokémon in the entire series. Apart from having an ugly appearance, this Pokémon has a weird name as well. Dark pink color is what this Pokémon dons on a round body as well as small tail. This Pokémon belongs to Generation IV. What makes the appearance of this Pokémon uglier is the large belly that sometimes touches the ground as well.
A number of people compare this Pokémon to a cotton candy. However, this cotton candy does not look beautiful at all. The character of this Pokémon is quite greedy and it is also able to lick anyone very close for the sake of the leftover crumbs.

6 Drowzee:


Drowzee is considered as the sixth ugliest Pokémon of the entire series today. Interestingly, this character of Pokémon is an adaptation of the real life tapir. However, the resulting design has been turned pretty ugly. This Pokémon is a first generation Pokémon which is psychic in terms of its characters. The tired-looking eyes of this character always makes him look as if he is super drowsy.
Apart from looking super drowsy in terms of its appearance, this character is considered to be lazy and stupid as well. The body of this character is half-grey and yellow as to its color. The ability of this character is that it can sense the dream of any person and can also produce nightmares in anyone’s mind. It has also been seen in a number of Pokémon movies.

5 Victreebel:


The Pokémon, Victreebel is referred to as the fifth ugliest Pokémon of the series so far. This character of Pokémon is more of a cartoon adaptation of a Venus Flycatcher, however this adaptation has come out to be a little ugly as compared to the real one. The overall appearance of this character is very unappealing to one’s eyes. This Pokémon appeared in the first generation of the series and is a grass and poison type Pokémon.
The gaping mouth of this character comprises of two teeth. The bell-shaped body of this Pokémon further creates a vile appearance to this character. The worst thing about the appearance of this Pokémon is a number of spots on the yellow body of this character. This Pokémon is mostly seen hopping around the forests and hogging on James.

4 Pumpkaboo:


Pumpkaboo is considered as the fourth ugliest Pokémon in the entire series of this show. This Pokémon appeared in the Generation VI and later on it kept appearing for a number of other times as well. As the name suggests, this Pokémon resembles a pumpkin, however the same looks pretty ugly if compared to a real pumpkin. The overall appearance of this character resembles a Halloween pumpkin, but the same with a disdainful appearance.
This Pokémon is a ghost-type Pokémon which has the ability to return wandering spirits into their actual homes. This Pokémon is vile and is considered to be one of the ugliest characters of the series by many. The overall appearance of this Pokémon is pink in color which comes in a number of different sizes. The glowing eyes scare everything out of the fans.

3 Gloom:

Gloom image via

As the name suggests, this Pokémon is gloomy and the same is considered as the third ugliest Pokémon in the entire series today. Gloom belongs to the first generation of Pokémon and is a grass and poison type character. The ugly appearance of this Pokémon gross abhors a lot of people. This Pokémon has a bulbous head, a wide mouth as well as a very faint coloring.
There are dew drops that keep on dropping from the mouth of this Pokémon which makes this character look pretty gross and ugly. Another important thing about the appearance of this Pokémon is that it looks like this Pokémon is always about to cry. The uneven shape of this Pokémon makes it look strange indeed.

2 Sudowoodo:

Sudowoodo image via

This rocky type Pokémon character is considered as the second ugliest Pokémon in the series so far. The body of this Pokémon resembles a tree. However, the same is really ugly-looking tree. This Pokémon belongs to Generation II of the Pokémon and generally hide itself in order to avoid battles. It has appeared in a major character in a Pokémon movie series.
The overall appearance of this Pokémon is very monotonous and plain-looking. The shape of this Pokémon character belongs to a cylinder. There are round-shaped leaves on it that further make this Pokémon look all the more hideous and unsightly. The appearance of this character resembles to a sausage which is another reason to call it an ugly Pokémon for sure. The hidden ability of this Pokémon is called as Rattled.

1 Jynx:

Jynx from

Jynx is referred to as the ugliest of Pokémon among all the Pokémon characters of the series. This Pokémon is an ice and psychic type Pokémon, the appearance of whose is very displeasing. This Pokémon resembles a female figure of a human. Earlier, this Pokémon was given a black colored appearance, but after a lot of nagging and objection, the same was turned into blue color.
This Pokémon has long hair that are blonde in color. What is more unlovely about this Pokémon is its purple-colored face which makes it look all the more rotten and nasty. It wears a long red robe that doesn’t complement its looks at all. This Pokémon further has large lips, large eyes and the arms that are hung around its body. Though Jynx is one rare Pokémon with not a lot of appearance, but the same looks the ugliest among all of them.

Which Pokémon of all do you find ugly, eh?

1. Jynx
2. Sudowoodo
3. Gloom
4. Pumpkaboo
5. Victreebel
6. Drowzee
7. Lickilicky
8. Phantump
9. Weezing
10. Stunfisk



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