Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries Of The World

Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries Of The World

The universe is full of some of the most intriguing happenings all around it. These mysteries are sometimes solvable whereas sometimes even the hardest of research involving science cannot solve them. Some call it ignorance, for some these are the secrets whereas some consider them as sheer mysteries. These mysteries are unsolved and will remain unsolved no matter how hard people try to solve them.

Some of these are baffling, some of these are highly intriguing while the others are surely ready to give you chills. Much of the hard work has already been done by plethora of scientists, discoverers, historians, archaeologists, but all in vain. Want to know what these mysteries are all about?

Here are the top ten unsolved mysteries that happened around the world so far.


10 Grooved Spheres

Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries Of The World
Photo via The Argumentative Archaeologist

The mystery of grooved spheres is counted among the most baffling cases of unsolved mysteries and the research will surely baffle you. A rock named Precambrian is located in South Africa. This rock is 2.8 billion years old. When the minors were digging this rock to discover what’s inside, they came across a number of metal spheres.

These spheres were mysterious in terms of their very appearance. They are 1 inch as to their diameter and comprised of three different parallel grooves that were etched around the equator. All these spheres were entirely different from one-another. A number of researches have already been done on them, but all in vain.

9 Amazon Rings

Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries Of The World
Brazilian amazon rings-Photo via

Another series of ring-shaped ditches are still found throughout the areas of Brazilian Amazon that have remained the question of mystery among the locals and researchers. Even the archaeologists have no clue what these rings are all about. A lot of people suggest that they might be served as burial grounds while to others they are nothing but a form of defense.

However, nobody has come to any kind of conclusion regarding this particular mystery. Another contention of the people is that they are nothing but the marks left by the UFOs which once landed there before the overall growth of the forests.

8 Nazca Lines

Nazca Lines–Photo via Can of Mystery – blogger

The Nazca lines are nothing but a series of gigantic drawings on the floor of the desert plateau of the province of Nazca in Peru. What makes these drawings mysterious is that no wind happens to blow in this particular region and even if the same blows the strength of the same is not huge enough to create any kind of figures on the sand.

A number of people believe the myth that it were the members of the Nazca culture who would create these drawings and figures just to entertain themselves and practice their concerned arts. Some of these are straight lines while others are figures of various animals such as monkeys, llamas, birds as well as fishes. Some believe that this is nothing but religious belief. However, nothing has been settled down so far.

7 The people of Sentinelese tribe

Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries Of The World
Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries Of The World-Photo via youtbe

Referred to as the most isolated tribe located on planet earth, this tribe is certainly very strange and unusual. The people inhabit in the jungles of North Sentinel Island in the Indian Ocean and these people are considered to be living in that region for a period of 60,000 years now. What makes this tribe more strange is that they have refused to communicate with every aspect of the western world which would want to reach out to them. Also, they are believed to kill people who try to get too close to them.

These people speak a very unusual and unclassified language. They also happen to drive away all kinds of research teams that try to reach them. They do it by using their arrows and spears. This tribe comprises of more than 500 people. What is more baffling about this tribe is that they successfully managed to survive the disrupting tsunami of the year 2004 which wrecked each piece of the Andaman.

6 Mary Celeste

Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries Of The World
Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries Of The World-Photo via

Mary Celeste was a famous ship that was discovered in the year 1872 on the 4th of December. It was discovered in the Atlantic Ocean, however the condition was abandoned. The ship was abandoned in the sea for a month and the same consisted of food that was found preserved for more than six months. Also, the Cargo which would otherwise have been disrupted was found very intact along with the personal belongings of all its passengers as well as crew members.

Also, no research could trace the crew and the disappearance is also considered as the greatest mystery of all the time. A number of theories have been formed in context with the ship. Some claim that it was any kind of underwater earthquake while to others it was nothing but alcohol vapors. This ship is also referred to as a ghost ship as it has been abandoned without any stark explanation.

5 Prehistoric Stone Balls

Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries Of The World
Prehistoric Stone Balls-photo via

Another mystery that is unsolved and that has taken the entire world by storm is the mystery of prehistoric stone balls. In the region of Costa Rica, specifically in the jungles, the presence of hundreds of large stone spheres is widespread. What is baffling is that these stone balls are believed to be constructed by the prehistoric humans. The scientists and the archaeologists were unable to find the solution of this mystery. These spheres are 8 feet in terms of their diameter.

Some studies suggest that they have been for religious purposes, however no solid evidence has confirmed it as of now. Thus, this entire existence of the ball has remained a mystery to the people. Also, how these stones have been moved up the hills is a question of concern.

4 Michael Rockefeller’s disappearance

Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries Of The World
Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries Of The World-Photo via Reddit

Michael Rockefeller was the son of the eventual vice president of the US, Nelson Rockefeller. This man disappeared very mysteriously in the year 1961 while he was searching for tribal artworks in the forests of New Guinea. During his expedition, his boat was overturned and he was left offshore along with his partner. He then decided to swim to the mainland in order to get help.

However, whether he actually made it to the shore or not has always been a mystery to the people. A number of theories are attached to this sudden disappearance of Michael. A lot of people say that he was simply drowned on to the way to mainland. Another notions suggest that Michael successfully made it to the shore, however he was soon murdered and eaten by the Asmat tribe residing there. Soon, an investigation was launched but nothing got settled.

3 Code of the Zodiac

Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries Of The World
Code of the Zodiac-photo via

Code of the Zodiac is considered to be another serious mystery that a number of people were unable to solve. This mystery involved a series of letters called the code of the zodiac which made encrypted messages. According to theories, all these messages were written by a famous killer who terrorized the residents of San Francisco and California during 1960s and 1970s. This killer called Zodiac who was given this name after the letter that he sent to the news redaction.

The assumptions stated that the news given to the journalists was nothing but a joke played by this killer. A number of researches and another theories were also claimed. However, no conclusion was made in this context. This killer successfully killed seven people. The police failed to reveal his actual identity.

2 Area 51

Area 51 File Photos-Photo via Science | HowStuffWorks

Another mystery that has never been solved even by the smartest of researchers is the mystery behind Area 51. This US military base that is located in the southernmost part of western Nevada has made a number of rounds and speculations for the people for over a number of people. The government of the United States denied any kind of existence of this military base for a long period.

Thus, this denial on the part of the government of the States made a number of speculations and created a mystery. A number of theories were made as to this hidden thing. Some of these stated the presence of unidentified flying objects, however no mystery was settled. It is believed that the major purpose of this base is nothing but the testing as well as development of weapons and aircrafts. Some theories also claim that this was the place where tests were performed on the alien species.

1 Red Rain

Rain Photograph – Red Rain by Sandro Ramani

The state of Kerala in India received a red downpour in the year 2001 not for a single day but during the entire rainy season from July to September. This rain was not an ordinary kind of rain, but was red in color. It felt like the blood is being poured from the clouds. The whole atmosphere became an awkward situation and a number of theories were made by the researchers.

Some believed that it was because of the airborne spores while others claimed that the red colored particles were nothing but extraterrestrial cells. Some believed a supernatural existence while to others it was a kind of curse of God. Nothing has been settled down regarding this mystery.

All these mysteries will certainly baffle your brain. They remain unsolved till today.

Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries Of The World

  1. Red rain
  2. Area 51
  3. Code of the Zodiac
  4. Michael Rockefeller’s disappearance
  5. Prehistoric Stoneballs
  6. Mary Celeste
  7. The people of Sentinelese tribe
  8. Nazca lines
  9. Amazon rings
  10. Grooved spheres

Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries Of The World

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