Top 10 Worst Jobs of the World

There are probably two kinds of jobs present on the planet earth – good jobs and bad jobs. The good jobs and professions are nothing but a blessing that any person could ever get. Why not? The perks and profits earned out of the good jobs are always worth your time and energy on them. Some people are lucky enough that they end up getting the job of their life. On the contrary, there are some people who are forced into the jobs that they would never want to perceive. These jobs are the bad jobs that almost nobody would ever want to perceive. These jobs are full of your commitment, hazardous and they offer you very less returns. Following are the top ten worst jobs of the world.

Top 10 Worst Jobs of the World

10 Firefighter:

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The job of firefighter is surely considered as one of the worst jobs of the world. The first fact that this job involves a number of life-threatening hazards is horrifying itself. The firefighters are forced to undergo various dangerous activities that ultimately serves as a threat to their life. This is also one of the most stressful jobs where you are required to show a serious commitment. Thus, the level of commitment you show is maximum and the income you earn from this job is minimum.

The average median salary for the job of firefighter is just $45,970. This job also involves a number of serious injuries. The firefighters are usually forced to work over 40 hours per week where they do nothing but fight against all the odds of fire. This job is a highly hazardous job with the highest rate of injuries among all the other occupations.

9 Taxi Driver:

Taxi Driver
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The job of taxi driver is also counted among the world’s worst jobs. Firstly, this job comes along with a great inherent stress. The cabbies and the drivers are always forced to experience the toughest situations of their life. The mere fact that this task doesn’t involve any great physical activity or the driver sits in front of the air conditioner all the time doesn’t make this job worth it.

The average median salary of a taxi driver reaches upto $23,210 only. Further, if there are high competitions in the field, the pay begins to fall on a lower scale. The competition of the driver has got fierce after the introduction of the cab services like Lyft and Uber. These cab services have made the job of a taxi driver more difficult in nature. Sitting in the same positions for longer hours is very tiring and it affects the health of a person, especially the lower body. The drivers are expecting the job of the taxi drivers to grow by 16 percent in the next ten years.

8 Advertising Salesperson:

Advertising Salesperson
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Some may call this job a fair job with a fair earning. But as a matter of fact, the job of advertising salesperson is certainly not worth the time and energy that you put into it. The higher average median salary earned by the way of this job is $47,890 only and it is certainly not enough to keep the job of a salesperson off this list. This job requires a high amount of expectations from the person. However, not every person can deal with the situations faced by an advertising salesperson. At times, the circumstances become more than stressful and in this scenario he generally gives up. Also, some people cannot handle the stress and the performance that he is expected to perform from this job.

The job of an advertising salesperson comes along with a great accountability as well as responsibility. The growth of the income in such scenario becomes slow and this job becomes very dull and monotonous. Moreover, the competition in this field has become very fierce today. The challenging work environment in this field may prepare you for the best and the worst times, at the same time this job comes along with a lot of pressure of meeting as well as exceeding expectations.

7 Retail Salesperson:

Retail Sales
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Another job that could be considered as one of the worst jobs of the world is the job of a retail salesperson. Physically, this job is one of the most tiring of all the jobs. The long hours of dedication in this job certainly affect the physical health of a person. At first, this job may feel like the most appropriate job that any person would ever want to perceive. However, the scenario in the lower level of this job will make you regret your decision of stepping into it.

The lower level sales person is required to work full-time along with a number of serious challenges. Also, the pay you get here is not worth the time and energy that you dedicate in this job. This job entertains a very low pay of $21,670 at the average median.

6 Pest Control worker:

Pest Control worker
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Apart from being one of the worst jobs of the world, this job is also considered as one of the most dangerous jobs of the world for it gives rise to a number of health issues. The Pest control workers are given the task which involves a dangerous handling of potentially hazardous pesticides. However, this is not the major challenge that they experience during their working hours. They are paid the least of the maximum efforts made by them during their duty.

According to a survey, the median salary paid to a pest control worker for a year is $30,660 only. Thus, they put in maximum efforts and get the least for their dedication and hard work. Also, their daily encounters with various dangerous insects and reptiles like spiders and snake puts them in a deadly situation. The dangerous chemicals when inhaled by them give rise to various illnesses and health issues.

5 Enlisted Military Personnel:

Enlisted Military Personnel
Enlisted Military Personnel

The job of an enlisted military personnel is counted as one of the worst jobs in the world. There are a number of reasons that could justify this rating. Firstly, this job involves a high stress which normally cannot be dealt upon with any random person. A person certainly needs to prepare himself well, both physically and mentally to perform this task.

Secondly, the salary entertained by this job is very less in comparison with the level of the hard work and commitment put in by any person. This job involves various events of risks and tension that could generally not be handled by everyone. The average annual median salary of an enlisted military personnel ranges up to $27, 396 only. Moreover, the enlisted military personnel are mostly put under the position of high stress and danger. There are various risks involved with this job as well.

4 Disc Jockey:

Disc Jockey
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If you are expecting the job of a disc jockey to be very happening and fascinating, it’s the time you change your opinion as soon as possible. A number of struggles are faced by any disc jockey. Firstly, this job puts you out of your comfort zone.

You are compelled to let go of your sleep to perform your music in the clubs at night. Secondly, if you remain surrounded with such high decibels of sound, it will surely affect the health of your ears someday. Thirdly, the DJs are paid much lesser than they actually should be paid. The average salary of a DJ ranges only up to $29,010 a year. And lastly, even if it sounds cliché, this job is a little risky for the girls.

3 Broadcaster:

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At no. 3 is the job of the broadcaster which is considered as one of the worst jobs ever taken by a person. This job involves a lot of efforts and the results are zero. The opportunities in this job are decreasing with each passing day.

The stress is high and the returns are low. Moreover, the increasing competition in this field is creating a lot of challenge for the people who are already into it and the people who are looking forward to get into it. According to an estimate, the average median salary of any broadcaster extends up to $37,200 each year. This lesser amount of pay makes this job one of the least looked upon jobs by the people.

2 Logger:

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The job of a logger is also considered as the second worst job of the world. Firstly, this job involves long hours of working. The physical demands required by this task are so much and it surely lefts any person very tedious. There is also a high risk of injury involved in this task.

Earlier, this task was considered as the worst job in the world. By today, the situation has slightly improved. Any logger earns a median income of $33,630 per year according to the recent data. Only a person with high physical abilities can perform this task well. Today, the declining use of paper has made the job opportunity in this field vacant.

1 Newspaper Reporter:

Newspaper Reporter
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The job of a newspaper reporter is considered as the worst job till date. According to an estimate, the average salary of a newspaper reporter reaches up to $37,200 only.

The efforts required in this job are numerous while the returns on the income are very less. One tends to move out of his/her comfort zone to further meet the challenges of this job. Moreover, the print journals today are meeting a stiff competition which is making the existence of the people in this field even more difficult. There are stagnant salaries, unpredictable schedules of work as well as tight deadlines which create a lot of hassle in the growth of an employee.


These are the worst jobs in the world. Beware! Kindly check this article out before submitting your CV or applying in the above mentioned jobs.



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