Top Best 10 Inkjet Printers in the Market

Best 10 Inkjet Printers

Top Best 10 Inkjet Printers of 2017: Printers are available in a lot of varieties these days, and while selecting a printer you need to first decide, that whether you prefer to have a multi functional printer or standard printer. A multi functional printer consists of various features like a scanner for example, it is an all in one printer. Also one another thing is whether to go for a laser or an inkjet. Laser printers are mostly used at office, and inkjet works the best for home. Inkjet not only prints, but can do many other things, like it can print photos as well as documents.

As them being multi functional, they can also fax, and comes in wireless option, which is a plus point. If you have a small business, or want to use it for household, then inkjet is the best option. They are affordable along with their refills and ink cartridges, which are available with various user friendly options. It has become very easier with the Wi-Fi connection option, where you can easily connect your printer to the home network, along with your mobile phones and computer. So let’s look at the 10 best inkjet printers of 2017:

10 Brother MFC-J985DW XL

Top best 10 Inkjet Printers of 2017
Brother MFC-J985DW XL–Photo via Computer Shopper

This is a great printer and is also inexpensive. It has the best quality, and works the best in small workplace, and houses. It can print, as well as scan, which it can do to USB drives, along with memory cards.

It comes at a low price with great function, and is easy to use. The printing and photo quality is above average with this printer. It comes with ink cartridges in 3 sets, but is quite similar to MFC-J985DW. It is a great printer to consider of with it’s appealing features and great quality of printing.

9 Epson PictureMate PM-400

Top best 10 Inkjet Printers of 2017
Photo via

It is lightweight, and its printing quality is remarkable. The speed of printing a borderless photo is 36 seconds with this inkjet printer. Also it gives resolution of 5760 x 1440, and can hold up to 50 sheets of paper.

This printer is fun to use, and also easy, so once you start using it, you would be ready to print picture after picture. Having such printer at your home, you can just print any image and put it on your wall, or use it for your project work, use it as you prefer. This printer weighs only 4 pounds, so you can easily transport it anywhere you go.

8 Brother Work Smart MFC J885DW

Top best 10 Inkjet Printers of 2017
Brother Work Smart MFC J885DW–Photo via

It offers you with a decent quality printing, and its ink is inexpensive. You will save a lot with this printer, and is made specifically for home usage. It is very easy to use this printer, and has a lot of options for connectivity.

It can be used both for photos and documents printing, with an above average quality. The paper tray can hold up to 100 sheet, and along with this in the second tray you can have 20 photo papers. With this printer, you can easily print double side, as it has automatic duplexing feature. Also network connection is available for both Ethernet and Wi-Fi, which allows you to be connected directly with your mobile device or PC, wirelessly.

7 HP Envy 5540 All in One

Top best 10 Inkjet Printers of 2017
HP Envy 5540 All in One–Photo via TechRadar

It is the best printer for that high quality document printing. Printing of the photos is also good, but it works the best for documents. Also it inks cartridges comes in black, white and color option. It is a wireless printer, so easy to connect with smartphones and computers.

Its speed of printing is reasonably quick, and per minute it can print up to 1.3 photos. It is a little expensive as when one of the color is over, you will have to replace all the other three. The paper tray can hold up to 125 pages, which is a bit more than other printers, which can only 100 pages.

6 Brother DCP-J4120DW

Top best 10 Inkjet Printers of 2017
Brother DCP-J4120DW–Photo via

You can print your documents which are in black at the speed limit of 35ppm, and the color pages with the speed of 27ppm. You can print any A4, A5, A6 size papers, with this printer, and the paper capacity is of 150 sheets. Also with this amazing printer you can print A3 size document, and many inkjet printers don’t offer this, which makes Brother DCP-J4120DW such a great entry level printer.

It can also do color printing and duplex printing, with not being too expensive. This printer has some amazing features to offer as well, like it can copy, scan, print, and connect through Wi-Fi. It also has a touchscreen, which makes the performance of the printer a little faster and won’t make too much of noise while printing.

5 Canon Pixma MG7150

Top best 10 Inkjet Printers of 2017
Canon Pixma MG7150–Photo via

The touchscreen and Wi-Fi connection of this printer is top notch. The printing speed for black color documents is 15ppm, and for color it is 10ppm. It can also print upon envelopes, letter, and also different sizes of paper like A5, A4, and B5.

It can hold up to 145 sheets in the paper tray, and gives the resolution of 9600 x 2400. It is a great wireless printer, which gives the best quality of print, which won’t disappoint you at all. Also if you wish to print a photo with this, it is just amazing. It is an expensive printer but it is worth it.

4 Brother Business Smart Plus MFC-J5520DW

Photo via Digital Trends

If you are looking for a printer whose copy and scanning functions are exceptionally good, then this is the printer for you. The quality of the printing is just outstanding, and also it comes at an affordable price. The operating expenses of this printer is very low, and comes with a 2-year warranty. For keeping the cost of printing low, then Brother Business Smart Plus MFC-J5520DW, is an amazing choice to consider from.

The speed of this printer for black and white color is 17ppm, and for color printing it is 15 pages per minute, which makes it the fastest printer among others. It comes with a lot of features which are quite handy, and also has both wireless and wired connectivity options for network. With this printer you can easily make use of scanning, faxing, and copying. It is a very durable, and versatile printer, over all.

3 Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4630

Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4630–Photo via Epson

The speed of this printer for both black and color printing is 20 pages per minute (ppm). This printer can hold up to 330 sheets of paper, which is quite a lot compared to other printers.

This printer works best for workgroups and small business places, as the speed of printing is very fast. In workplaces such types of printers are of necessity, as it can hold 330 sheets, so you don’t have to place the papers over and over again. Over all it is a great printer when it comes to speed.

2 Epson Expression Premium XP-830 Small in One

Epson Expression Premium XP-830 Small in One–Photo via Epson

This is a great and versatile inkjet printer, which gives high quality of printing. It has a lot of features in it, like printing labels of DVD and CD, then it can copy, print, scan, and can hold up to 100 pages in the main tray of paper and 20 sheets in the photo tray.

This printer comes with 5 cartridges, compared to other printers, with different colors like black, yellow, magenta, cyan, and fifth one is black pigment which is best used for printing photos, with the best quality. This wireless printer can support Apple iPads, and iPhones, and also can connect to computers. It comes with a 1-year warranty, and overall it is a great printer for printing remarkable photos.

1 HP OfficeJet Pro 8740 All in One

Top best 10 Inkjet Printers of 2017
HP OfficeJet Pro 8740 All in One–Photo via

This printer can print 16ppm for black color, and for color documents it can print at the speed of 20 pages per minute (ppm). It is a wireless printer, and is also multi functional with the option of scanning, faxing, copying, and printing.

You can print easily with your mobile phone as well, and is business friendly as it has some security features, and a touchscreen to operate fast. This printer can hold up to 250 sheets of paper in primary tray, and in secondary tray it has the double capacity, which is 500 pages. This is great fast working printer with great quality.

Printers are very much required in the work places and houses, as always getting printing done from outside takes up a lot of time, and money. But with having it at your home and workplace makes it easier. So select the best from the top 10 mentioned below as per your usage:

Top Best 10 Inkjet Printers of 2017

  1. Brother MFC-J985DW XL
  2. Epson PictureMate PM-400
  3. Brother Work Smart MFC J885DW
  4. HP Envy 5540 All in One
  5. Brother DCP-J4120DW
  6. Canon Pixma MG7150
  7. Brother Business Smart Plus MFC-J5520DW
  8. Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4630
  9. Epson Expression Premium XP-830 Small in One
  10. HP OfficeJet Pro 8740 All in One






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