Top10 Amazing People with Real Super Powers

Super powers: Batman has superhuman detective power, Spiderman has the power of spider sense, and Wonder Woman has all the super powers of superhuman, speed as well as agility. All these characters are mere fictional characters and we get to see them or read about them in our favorite movies and comics.

However, the super powers are not only comprised by these fictional characters but the real human beings of the world too. Yes, you heard it right. There are a few people who are blessed with different super-powers and hence are the super-humans. Here are the top ten super humans with amazing and astonishing real super powers.

10  Liam Hoekstra: Super Strength

Top 10 Amazing People with Real Super Powers
liam hoekstra –Photo via

Have you ever seen an 8-months old boy doing pull-ups or walking up and down by the stairs? This little child ever since his birth surprised everyone with his super power of super strength. Liam Hoekstra is blessed with super strength. By the age of 3 years, he started lifting up the furniture pieces with great ease which any of us couldn’t lift easily.

This little boy at the age of 4 years was considered 6 times stronger than any normal human being. His parents after consulting to a doctor found that the reason behind such strength in this little boy is an unusual genetic condition which is termed as myostatin.

This condition cuts down all the fat and make the muscles look ripped and strong. This super kid with super amazing powers can gain up to 50% of more skeletal muscles than any normal human being with a little or no exercise.

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9 John, an unidentified man: Invulnerability


This man in the year 1994 was known as John who was involved in a very serious car accident. However, what was more shocking for the people was that he suffered zero injuries except for some bruises and bumps. This man soon went on to see a doctor to make sure he is in a good shape internally.

The X-ray reports showed that he was as fit as a horse. The doctors soon learned that John’s bone entertained an abnormal density, i.e. they are 8 times denser than that of a normal human-being. Thus, John was known to be blessed with a super power of invulnerability that lets anything to him untouched and his body remains uninjured.

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8 Dean Karnazes: Super Endurance

Dean Karnazes
Photo via

He is not a normal runner, he is a super runner. Dean Karnazes, a prolific marathon runner has undergone a number of unusual and inhuman feats during his whole career of running marathon. The most remarkable thing or so to speak – his super power of super endurance let him to run for 50 consecutive days in 50 marathons held in 50 different states, without taking any time to rest. This super human being not only shocked us with this achievement but also ran for 3 consecutive days without any stopping or sleeping to cover a long distance of 350 miles.

Dean has also completed a long 1,000 mile marathon held in San Francisco in a short period of 75 days.  This super human doesn’t need any energy drink or strength food to run endlessly to achieve his targets. The doctors performed a medical study on him that revealed that this super human entertained a very unique physiology which permitted him to show up several levels of endurance.

His muscles had the ability to work longer than the muscles of any average human being. The reports also resulted that he had more blood in his circulatory system as a result of which the stamina that he entertains is much higher than any normal human being.

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7 Isao Machii: Super Reflexes

Isao Machi
Isao Machi—Photo via

He is a swordsman who is blessed with the power of super reflexes in comparison to all the other normal human beings. This man is very famous in his country for his astonishing display of his super powers – he can cut an arrow in half, he can also cut the Airsoft pellets in the midair with the help of a katana sword.

He is so fast and simply incredible. Isao Machii holds the record of the fastest tennis ball cut in the midair. It went roughly for 440 mph. What surprised the doctors is that a normal traveling speed of Airsoft Pellets is 160 feet per second – which is even faster than any human eye could ever register. And this man is able to cut it even at a faster speed than it travels and reaches him. Apart from this, Machii also showcases an unusual sensory perception of the spatial dimensions than other people. These super reflexes powers surely make him a super human.

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6 Slavisa Pajkic: Master of Electricity

Slavisa Pajkic- Master of Electricity
Slavisa Pajkic- Master of Electricity—Photo via

He is a Serbian man who entertains a formation of several electrical based abilities. What is more amusing is that he claims to act as an accumulator, an insulator, a conductor and a heater.

Slasvisa Pajkic holds a Guiness World Record for allowing a shock of 20,000 volts pass through him without causing any kind of damage to his body. This superhuman doesn’t feel a single shock entering into his body. He can power lightbulbs using his hands just like the electrical switches.

He can cook sausage on forks by using his body heat. He can heat a cup of water up to 97 degree Celsius in less than two minutes. His activities and achievements are simply incredible which surely make him one greatest superhuman with extra-ordinary super powers. This super human says that such shocks when given to him refreshes and energizes him.

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5 Solvin: Real life Waterman

waterman—Photo via

Solvin a fisherman has an ordinary life. He has lived the most part of his life in a houseboat along with his family and he hardly comes to the sea-shore. However, this aquatic lifestyle of this person has turned his ordinary life into something amusing and extra-ordinary. This real life waterman has adapted himself with the aquatic environment so well that his vision is considered to be twice as clear as that of any normal human being. He swims with a crystal clear vision. His eyes have adapted themselves to constrict all the irises of underwater rather than making them expand like other human beings.

He can hold his breath under water for a period of 5 long minutes. Apart from this, Solvin is much more resistant to the crushing pressure of water at a depth of 20 meters, which is nothing but incredible.

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4 Ben Underwood: Sonic Sensory Perception

Ben Underwood
Photo via

His story is unbelievable. Ben Underwood at the age of 2 years was diagnosed with retinal cancer. The doctor were helpless and had no other option left but to remove both of his eyes. As Ben began to grow up, he discovered that he is blessed with an amazing ability. At the age of 5 years, he found that he was able to click his tongue and accumulate information of all his surroundings that was based on the echo which passed his ears, just like the echolocation nature of the dolphins. In this way, he was successful to make a rough picture of all the surroundings in his mind. This ability went on to become huge and at one point of time Ben discovered that he was able to get around with this power just like a normal human being could do using his eyes.

He developed an incredible ability to reach out to anything that he wanted and to accurately shape up the picture of anything that existed in the nature. He could thus do some incredible set of activities such as riding a bike, skating, climbing a tree – that too without using his eyes. Ben could even do martial arts just like other human beings. Unfortunately, he died at the age of 16 years. However, this power surely made him a super human.

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3 Tim Cridland: Pain Tolerance Power

Superhuman Pain Tolerance–Photo via

He is also known by his stage name Zomora the Torture King. This entertainer cum superhuman is blessed with a superhuman pain tolerance power. He performs all the dangerous stunts like the back of his hand. These stunts are extremely painful activities such as fire walking, sword swallowing, electrocuting and body piercing. Not only this, Tim lays on the beds of nails and allows the audience to jump on him.

He once performed this stunt and let the Toyota car drive on him. He doesn’t feel an inch of pain. He doesn’t know how pain feels like. On research of his body, the scientists coined that his nerve cells don’t address the pain in the very same manner that a normal human being does. Thus, he is totally numb to the pain.

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2 Tibetan Monks: Control of Heat and Cold

Tibetan Monks
Tibetan Monks—Photo via

A clan of Tibetan Monks have cultivated these physical as well as mental abilities to raise and withstand the temperature of their bodies. As amusing as it sounds, these monks can raise the temperature of their skin at the rate of 8 degrees Celsius without affecting the core temperature of their bodies. Not only this, they can withstand the coldest temperature which is otherwise unbearable by any normal human being.

The studies made on their super powers coined that the slowing blood flow to their brains and the constricting blood vessels allow their bodies to endure such harsh conditions. This ability to go well through such high as well as low temperatures is certainly unfathomable.

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1 Daniel Browning Smith: The Rubber Boy

Daniel Browning Smith The Rubber Boy
Daniel Browning Smith The Rubber Boy—photo via lolwot

He is as flexible as a rubber and that is why he is famously known as the rubber boy. In fact, he is the most flexible man alive. Ever seen a person who can dislocate the organs of his body just to perform unusual activities like fitting through an unstrung tennis racket? This boy does it – without any extra efforts. He holds three different Guinness World Records in his hands as a result of his super power of turning the way he wants. He is certainly one super human.
Thus, after going this series of super powers of these super humans we are sure that you are sure that the superpowers and super humans are not just fictional characters, but the normal human beings with some unusual traits that could thrill your mind.

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Top 10 Amazing People with Real Super Powers

Sr No.  10 Amazing People with Real Super Powers
1 Daniel Browning Smith: The Rubber Boy
2 Tibetan Monks: Control of Heat and Cold
3 Tim Cridland: Pain Tolerance Power
4 Ben Underwood: Sonic Sensory Perception
5 Solvin: Real life Waterman
6 Slavisa Pajkic: Master of Electricity
7 Isao Machii: Super Reflexes
8 Dean Karnazes: Super Endurance
9 John, an unidentified man: Invulnerability
10 Liam Hoekstra: Super Strength


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