Top 10 Deadliest Dictators In History

Deadliest Dictators In History

Top 10 Deadliest Dictators In History: Humanity, justice, respect, strength, and love towards country, requires a lot of compassion, and when all these are there in a government which is by its people, then it makes a great leadership. But once in a time you can see some politicians, who plan to run things, in their own manner, whether the circumstances come out to be good or not, it is not of their value.

They are brutal, have a biased judgment upon which they stand by, and many are racists, also they violate the human rights. The right to an individual is generally suppressed, when there isn’t democracy. These dictators have destroyed the livelihood of many, by torturing them, having night curfew, terrorism, murders, and what not. So let’s look at the 10 of history’s deadliest dictators.

10 Adolf Hitler (Germany)

10 of history’s deadliest dictators
Adolf Hitler–Photo via Pinterest

Adolf Hitler was born on April 20th 1889, in Austria, Hungary, and committed suicide on April 30th 1945 at the age of 56, in Berlin, Germany, in order to not be arrested alive, he shot himself before the Soviet Army could capture him. He was involved in many war crimes, and he was racist towards Jews and ordered to murder 11 million out of which there were 6 million Jews.

He became a complete ruler that is dictator in the year 1934. The Nazis had blocked out all the political parties, in the year 1933, which started his dictatorship. There was no freedom of speech after that, he would put all his enemies behind the bars or kill them. All the media were forced to praise only Nazis, and he had created Germany to be a Totalitarian state of Nazi. Hitler started World War II, where he also ordered to kill children and women, among the 11 million people. As the other countries joined to defeat Germany, Hitler gave everyone permission in his army to leave. He also married Eva Braun, and after 24 hours, the very next day they both poisoned themselves and Hitler shot himself.

9 Benito Mussolini (Italy)

Top Ten Most Evil Dictators of All Time
Top Ten Most Evil Dictators of All Time–Photo via Pinterest

Benito Mussolini, was born on July 29th 1883, in Italy and died on April 28th 1945 at the age of 61 in Italy. He was a dictator, journalist, politician, teacher, novelist, and an atheist by religion. He was also the 27th Prime Minister in the year 1922 to 1943 of Italy.

He was a socialist in Mussolini, but when he decided to join the World War I, Benito was kicked out of the party. He furthermore invented a new form of ideology that is Fascism. This ideology of Fascism that Benito followed, was less destructive in nature than that of Hitler’s Nazism, which was an ideology build towards Racism. With the power he had gained after being Prime Minister, he created a personal police force OVRA, through which he murdered, arrested people, and begun his dictatorship by 1927.

8 Pak ChŏngHŭi (South Korea)

10 of history’s deadliest dictators
Photo via Pak ChŏngHŭi (South Korea)

Pak ChŏngHŭi was born on 30th September 1917, and died on 26th October 1979, where he was assassinated by Kim Jae-kyu, as he felt that Pak was being an obstacle towards democracy, and such should be stopped from ruining the livelihood of people. Pak had worked in military and served being a lieutenant in Japanese Army.

After World War II, as Japan was defeated, in the influence of his communist brother, Pak decided to join the worker party of South Korea which was a communist group. He served the first 2 terms of being a President of the Republic of Korea, which got him a lot of power. His term period of presidency kept increasing

(6 years) with no opposition, and that made him a constitutionalized legal dictator.

7 Augusto Pinochet (Chile)

Top 10 Deadliest Dictators In History
–Top 10 Deadliest Dictators In HistoryPhoto via Coutausse

From the year 1974 to 1990 he had held the presidency of Chile, which surely gave him a lot of power. He was born on November 25th 1915, in Chile, and died on December 2006 at the age of 91, in Santiago, Chile. Many supported him as the economy of Chile had improved by great means, when he was in charge, but many thought of him as murderous dictator as many people lost their lives because of him.

By profession he was a soldier come politician, and he followed the Roman Catholic religion. He had five children and was married to Lucia Hiriart. In the early years of 1970s Augusto Pinochet was known as a high marked general in the Army of Chile.

6 Jorge RafealVidela (Argentina)

Top 10 Deadliest Dictators In History
Photo via

He was President (De facto) of Argentina from the year March 1976 to March 1981. This presidency surely gave him a lot of power and started abusing the human rights and a lot of crimes had taken place, when he was in charge. He was born on August 2nd 1925, in Argentina, and died at the age of 87 in his sleep on May 17th 2013, in Argentina. He had seven children and was married to Alicia Raquel Hartridge.

Under his power, there were a lot of abuse and act of cruelty, such as kidnappings, torturing and killing, he also stole babies when the mothers were in prison in his concentration camps, and also disappearances where people were killed and their bodied couldn’t be found. Later he was arrested in 2008, until which he was under a house arrest.

5 Saddam Hussein (Iraq)

Top 10 Deadliest Dictators In History
Saddam Hussein (Iraq)–Photo via gettyimages

He held the presidency of Iraq from the year 1979 to 2003, which certainly gave him a lot of power. His dictatorship begun itself from 1979, during his presidency period, where he was responsible for the death of about 1 million people, out of this Kurds are about 300,000. He made the use of chemical WMD, which was on the Kurdish Citizens, and got his country into three types of destructive wars.

Along with this he was responsible for the invasion of 2 of the neighboring countries, and caused a terrible environmental disaster, through which the entire Kuwait country was destructed. This in a way destroyed the entire Iraqi generation, and he also detained many westerners. Saddam Hussein was executed on December 30th 2006, where he wished to be have been shot, but was convicted to death by hanging.

4 Bashar al-Assad (Syria)

Top 10 Deadliest Dictators In History
Bashar al-Assad (Syria)–Photo via

He was born on September 11th 1965 in Damascus, Syria, who is currently of 51 years. He is married to Asma al-Akhras and has three children. After the death of his father death, he wanted Bassel, Assad’s brother to held the leadership of Syria, but he died by being in car accident. So Assad came back home and ruled Syria. His father ruled Syria from 1971.  He was elected twice, once in the year 2000 and once in 2007, but the time he was not opposed by any other party.

He was a cold blooded dictator who plunged his own country to civil war. His leadership has got a lot of people killed, that too in a very brutal manner. His upbringing, educational qualification, and family life would disguise you, as you would see him as a completely different person from that angle, which he is not. He is responsible for the death of more than thirty thousands of Syrians, and committed several other crimes like rapes, slaughters, and mass burials.

3 Pol Pot (Cambodia)

Top 10 Deadliest Dictators In History
Top 10 Deadliest Dictators In History–Photo via Alchetron

Pol Pot held the dictatorship from the year 1975 to 1979 of Cambodia. He is responsible for the severest genocide in the modern history. When he was in power for the four years, he was responsible for the death of about millions of people, which was caused due to imprisonment, murder, starvation, and forced labor.

He died due to heart attack on 15th April, 1988, and his one eye was open, which showed the signs of him suffering, so it has been said he had killed his own self with the use of poison.

2 Kim Jong-iI (North Korea)

Photo via mage Credit: mouthlondon .com

He was born on February 16th 1941, and died on December 17th, 2011 at the age of 70. He was a cold blooded and brutal dictator, even worse compared to Stalin and Hitler, who at least gave quick death. Kim Jong-iI rather tortured, starved them, and rather than killing, he drowned those who were very weak, or if lucky he shot them.

The concentration camps he had held, were located in a very hidden place, and guarded. At this camp you could see babies who are buried alive, or injected with some liquid which would give major swelling, deformities, amputees, and weak people were being dissected when they were alive in labs. He tortured people in the most inhuman ways.

1 Joseph Stalin (USSR)

Top 10 Deadliest Dictators In History
Joseph Stalinphoto via

Joseph Stalin was born on December 18th 1878, and died on March 5th 1953 at the age of 74. Joseph Stalin got 27 million of the people sacrificed in the World War II, and in total 75 million people, which compared to Hitler is way more. He was cold blooded and brutal tyrant.

In the camps of penalty labor it is estimated that around 20 million people died, in the Great Purge which was in the year 1930, where millions of people were exiled and deported.

So below is the list of 10 of history’s deadliest dictators who were cold hearted, brutal, immoral, dominating and wanted the power to be in their hand:

Top10 Deadliest Dictators In History

  1. Adolf Hitler (Germany)
  2. Benito Mussolini (Italy)
  3. Pak ChŏngHŭi (South Korea)
  4. Augusto Pinochet (Chile)
  5. Jorge RafealVidela (Argentina)
  6. Saddam Hussein (Iraq)
  7. Bashar al-Assad (Syria)
  8. Pol Pot (Cambodia)
  9. Kim Jong-iI (North Korea)
  10. Joseph Stalin (USSR)



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