World’s 10 Biggest and Best Auto Shows

All the cultural and geographical barriers fade away when it comes to Cars. All across the globe, people are crazy about cars. To attract this car loving crowd, auto makers showcase their creations in multiple car shows. Of course, auto shows are most gigantic and marvelous events in automotive industry.
There are hundreds of auto shows held around the world each year and the number keeps increasing with each passing year. Some of the shows are massive and some only attracts few thousand people but all have their target audience.
Here we have compiled the list of top 10 best and biggest auto shows that are being held around the world.

World’s 10 Biggest and Best Auto Shows in the World

10   Tokyo Motor Show

Tokyo Motor Show
Tokyo Motor Show–Photo via

Japan is the home of the some of the best automobile makers. Japan has to have at least one among the top best auto shows and it does not disappoint us. Our analysis puts Tokyo motor show to 10th position. It provides a stage to show some best engineering, ideas, concepts and designs.
The one thing that separates this motor show from others is its high focus on concept vehicles rather than traditional ones. It fetches many media attentions and car enthusiasts.

9 North American International Auto Show

North American International Auto
North American International Auto show -Photo via

This auto show has bagged 9th position in our list of best and biggest auto shows around the world. It is held annually and provides traditional platform to United States based Car makers to showcase their creations and designs. It also hosts awards for North American car of the year and North American truck of the year. Michigan, automotive capital of Detroit, is the venue of this prestigious motor show.
Each year people wait for this show to lookout what is in the store of car makers such as General motor and Ford.




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